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Russian cadet greatcoat, black, surplus

Russian cadet greatcoat, black, surplus

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A very solid example of a black traditional greatcoat. Russian made, modern army surplus. If you're into navy style, this should reside in your wardrobe. Probably a one-off lot.

In Russia, young boys have a chance for serving their country by entering the Cadet Corps. Here, boys will be trained to become officers in the future. These coats have the naval Cadet arm insignia on them, so it's a clear case where these come from. The patch can be carefully removed too.

The coat is a classic double breasted model with shiny brass buttons, half-belt on the back to keep the waist in line and a large collar that can be folded up to protect from the elements. Finally in 2000's the Russian R&D figured a way to make the issue greatcoats warmer: add some modest filling between the shell and lining. Ooh!

Material and care

Made of nice and stiff wool, with the said filling (probably cotton) and light satin lining. While this probably can be machine washed in about 30 degrees Celsius with a gentle wool cycle, we would recommend just airing out and brushing the coat to keep it clean. Spot cleaning should work best for difficult stains.

Size info

Sizes in the Russian GOST system: first EU size for chest, then a number for height. In the brackets these are translated to user's recommended measurements, height and chest in centimetres. The cut is somewhat slim on the waist, so for portly people there might be better alternatives, but the arms run a bit long. This is taken into account with the size recommendations in the brackets. The normal Russian size recommendation would be the first dispalyed height in the brackets.

As these are meant for younger people, they mostly come in small sizes. If it would so happen that you're a smaller woman and are looking for a proper good greatcoat, try these!

Russian manufacture

These came to us from Germany. Originally the coats are Russian, so they just made a little campaign Southwest before arriving in Finland. The condition seemed to be excellent overall, many a coat even looked unissued.


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