Russian "BTK" desert shorts, surplus

Russian "BTK" desert shorts, surplus

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Today the Russian army is all fine and modern, and when you gaze upon these desert clothes, you instantly know why they drink so much. Now available a small batch of current issue Sovi-, agh, we always get it wrong, Russian stuff used today in Syria! Ugly as fuck! Wonderful!

The "BTK" series field uniform clearly has their heritage in the late Soviet era Afganka uniforms, which were actually quite modern. A part of the uniform are these spiffy shorts, which actually aren't half bad. Now depending on the perspective of the viewer, these are either ruined or vastly improved with the pinkish scheme not unlike a pig's skin. No wonder, this is what the Russians call the uniform - 'piggy'.

Size info

Sizes in the good old GOST system: first the traditional Russian size numbers, with recommended user measurements in centimeters (height and waist).

Army "surplus"

Used and rarely washed, just like Russian stuff usually is. Because of the beautiful colour, any stains or dirt show up pretty well. These are however intact. Selling these to the civilian market is of course forbidden, but for the right amount of roubles an enterprising storeman could maybe lose them.

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09.03.2019 (Edited 23.05.2019)

These shorts came in pretty good condition, though with funny mustard yellow stains, and a bit of stitching undone. Nothing that can't be fixed though. Slightly pricey, but expected given there isn't really a 'surplus' of these online.

The material is lightweight and thin, as you'd expect for a desert uniform, and the sizing is right; the material also soaks up water really easily, but dries quickly too. The shorts are comfortable and the pocket size is decent, and the belt loops should fit most belts (I use the star-buckled leather Czech belt). My one major gripe is the stains that came with mine were really, really hard to remove. That being said, I'm looking forward to when it gets hot enough to wear these.
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