Russian Boonie hat

24.99 EUR
Russian Boonie hat

Product is out of stock and is unlikely restocked in the near future :-(

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Särmä TST M05 Finnish cap badge

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Russian Komandor combat jacket

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A modern, short hem field jacket with a cut fit for wear either outside or inside of trousers, works with body armor and such and you can even fit some warm stuff underneath. Comes usually in Jagel camo.

Särmä TST M05 field cap

Särmä TST M05 field cap

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Our own, improved version of the Finnish military issue M05 summer woodland field cap. Our enhanced version is really not that fancy, what we did was remove the utterly stupid (most commonly black) webbing band from around the visor, thinned down the visor stiffener from 2mm to 1mm (much more comfortable now) and removed the silly plastic name tag window and cap badge.

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An American style bush hat, usually in Jagel or Sumrak camouflage pattern.

Available colours listed in the size selection.

Russian quality: Made first and foremost for actual field use. That's why the finish is, compared to many Western products, a bit rough: the camo might have slight misprinting, they definitely haven't counted the stitches and the colours may fade pretty quickly in modern violent washing (which people do too much anyway). However the basic form & function is is solid, and if something breaks, it's often easily repaired with a needle and some thread.

If you have to wash this, do it in 40 degrees Celsius - cotton won't mind, but the camo will gradually fade in repeated washings.

Size info

If the size you are looking for is sold out, it's not a terrible idea to pick one or even two sizes larger. Wear it as shown in the photos, with the chin strap secured behind the neck and the hat will stay put.

Russian made

Made by Tactic-9. Russian companies typically make their stuff in Russia, not China. These are not "pretty", but completely fit for purpose.


Availability is a bit unpredictable - we can't give any estimates of restock. Likewise, no idea about the sizes we get. What we do know is that the amounts are small.

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