Russian 6Sh112 w/ daypack, surplus, AK mag pouches

246.99 USD
Russian 6Sh112 w/ daypack, surplus, AK mag pouches
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The Russian army invented MOLLE, at last! This is (now almost) the latest shit from over there, a very modular, very durable and very good combat vest for AK mags. Complete with a daypack. No idea when/if we'll get more, these come and go.

Now made famous by the Crimean Crisis!

Also available with PKM ammo pouches: Russian 6Sh112 combat vest w/daypack, unissued, PKM ammo pouches

Let's put it straight: if you want a complete solution for a load carrying system and prefer AK series, buy this. Seriously, this is proper warproof stuff and quite reasonably priced for what it is. Along with the combat vest you get a good daypack.

Combat vest

  • Consists of three panels attached together with straps also used to adjust the fit. The adjustments are commendable - this fits practically everyone. When you are done, adjust the waistbelt, which runs through the padded waistband.
  • Front closure with Lift-The-Dot fasteners.
  • Covered with MOLLE.
  • Everything possible is made of strong nylon mesh.
  • Even with the included pouches you still can attach more stuff on the waistband.

Pouches included:

  • Four two-mag pouches with removeable dividers, if you plan on using mags taped together. Closure with Lift-The Dot and velcro.
  • Four grenade pouches, which also take misc. small items.
  • Two small general purpose pouches.
  • Buttpack with two side pockets and straps & MOLLE on the outside for attaching more kit.
  • Field spade pouch, fits the standard issue age old Soviet shovel.
  • All pouches have MOLLE attachment, so you can place them as you like or remove entirely.
  • If you have fallen so far from the light to use some other weapon than AK or PKM, the pouches can of course be replaced with something else - means you can use a superior load carrying system with your decadent heretical Western product too.

    And the daypack

    • About 30-litre in volume, consists of the main space (28 x 47 x 16 cm) and two side pouches (27 x 12 x 6 cm).
    • All compartments have weather socks.
    • Side pouches are sewn on only from the sides, so you can attach stuff behind them.
    • Two flat pockets on the flap, the outer one containing a white winter camo cover which you can pull out.
    • A huge PALS grid on the front.
    • Fixed straps on the sides and bottom to attach kit.
    • Padded and very adjustable shoulder straps with sternum strap.
    • Padded, stiffened and ventilated backside.

    Also included is a small repair & spare parts kit. (If Tatyana has remembered to pack it at the factory, so you might just get unlucky and have to live without it)

    Made of "Tetris" camouflaged, army spec tactical nylon.

    Unissued Russian, uh, surplus.

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