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Russian 6Sh112 daypack, Digiflora, surplus

Russian 6Sh112 daypack, Digiflora, surplus

Price 87.99 USD excluding VAT

The daypack of the 6Sh112 combat kit system. Unissued, straight from Putin's war stocks! Very random availability.

  • We don't know when this product will be restocked. With surplus the restock date is unknown due to sometimes poor availability. Request restock notification and we will email you as soon as this product is available.
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The daypack of the 6Sh112 combat kit system. Unissued, straight from Putin's war stocks! Very random availability.

Approximately 30 litres of volume and made for hard military use. Comfortably compact to wear and fits perfectly for anything between 2h-48h long hikes and trips. Frontside is full of PALS grid so that you can attach some extra pouches for extra space. The front flap contains a white winter camo cover. You should think twice before pulling out because it is hard as hell to put it back nicely.

Features and Size info

  • Approximately 30 litres, consists of main pocket (28 x 47 x 16 cm / 11” x 18,5” x 6,3”) and two side pouches (27 x 12 x 6 cm / 10,63” x 4,72” x 2,36”).
  • All compartments have weather socks.
  • Side pouches are sewn on only from the sides, so you can attach tools and other stuff behind them.
  • Two flat pockets on the flap, the outer one containing a cotton winter camo cover which you can pull out.
  • Frontside has as many PALS grids as they could fit in.
  • Fixed straps on the sides and bottom to attach kit.
  • Padded and very adjustable shoulder straps with sternum strap.
  • Padded, stiffened and ventilated backside.
  • Material is digital patterned army spec tactical nylon.
  • Each pocket has a drain grommet on the bottom

The Russians have started to put money in the quality of their military gear so you can start putting images of old smelly Soviet crap aside. If you’re now wondering where do you know this “Tetris” pattern from, well, this is just the one you might have seen in the Crimean Peninsula.


This is completely unused army “surplus” gear, with just some signs of storage.


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2 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

18.11.2019 (Edited 24.02.2020)
I bought this from another vendor, but I really like it. I call it my "Vladbag" and because it has the one big compartment, I was able to stuff more in there, packed comfortably, than I would in some of my other bags, with the exception of a London Bridge Trading 3 day pack. I use packing cubes and pouches to keep stuff sorted and packed orderly. But since I have them from other bags and switch around, this isn't a big deal for me.

It is surprisingly comfortable, plenty of straps (had to tape 'em) and is very no nonsense. It rides high on the back, allowing waist-belt mounted items to sit below easily enough. The Ratnik set has a fanny pack that sits below this, for example. Not a zipper in sight, has so much space.

To get use of the pouch in the flap, I am considering getting rid of the snow camo cover.
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I would recommend for a friend

Great comfortable day rucksack, holds a lot of kit and solid as a rock, lots of attachment points, just don't leave it in thick foilage as you will never find it again.
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