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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

07.11.2020 (Edited 06.06.2021)
Repack on kertakaikkisen hyvä juttu. Uudelleenkäytettävä pakkausmateriaali on juuri sitä mitä tämä maapallo kaipaa. Ei enää kertakäyttömuovia ja pahvia.
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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

Four stars
I would recommend for a friend

13.07.2021 (Edited 15.07.2021)
Good sturdy bag. Color may vary, I had only white ones for now.
Maybe not so good for fragile items, but such things aren´t sold here...
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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

Absolutely ingenious! I wouldn’t pack fine crystal or a formal dinner serving set in it ** but for almost everything else it saves time and money as well as packaging waste.
N.B. - mailing size and weight limits do apply but you would be surprised at what fits…

** just in case Varusteleka opens a bridal registry.
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