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Prasad Mustache Wax

Prasad Mustache Wax

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Prasad Mustache Wax is handmade in Finland with Finnish organic ingredients of pine resin, juniper essential oil and beeswax. The pine resin is hand harvested in the pristine wild nature of Lapland. Cocoa butter and olive oil are imported by organic EU standards.

Thread-capped tin case, durable labels that withstand pocket abuse. Ecologically printed in EU.

Direction of use

Works best when kept warm in pocket. Use your fingernail to scrape a pea-sized amount of wax. Slowly rub your fingertips and thumbs together to warm the wax, thus melting it down for application. Shape hairs as desired.


100 % natural. No parabens, petroleum or fragrances. Natural forest smell. Beeswax, pine resin, cocoa butter, olive oil, juniper essential oil. All wild harvested or organic. 24 ml content.


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3.5 / 5
4 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

Very good mustache wax! Very firm hold.
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I would not recommend to a friend

06.02.2019 (Edited 19.08.2019)
Wonderful scent and not super waxy feeling so it goes on easy. Can’t go on enough about the scent. Just reminds you of the outdoors and being in the woods. Top grade stuff!


the 2nd batch I received came in a tin half the size as the first. I liked the product so much that I thought " meh" (actual thought there). But in trying to use it, it didn't have the same consistency as the first. It was much harder to use, as in physically harder. I know it's hand made stuff but there should still be some quality control, especially if you are paying the same for half the amount. It's very hard to use and spread evenly, the first batch was perfect. Hopefully they will continue to improve as I loved the product and like supporting small producers
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I would not recommend to a friend

Maybe I expected too much, but the tin seems to be only about half full which strikes me as being considerably less than 24ml. The scent is nice and it's not greasy, so there's that. But for 14 dollars, I expected to get a bit more actual product than a half-full tin.
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I would recommend for a friend

Would be five stars except the tin is a bit on the small side. I ration this wax aggressively and make it last. The hold is so firm that I can even mix it with other, weaker waxes. An excellent product.
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