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Polish W-3 P/A metal detector, surplus

Polish W-3 P/A metal detector, surplus

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Because, well, everybody needs an electronical device from the Soviet Union. You can have your pick from Soviet night vision equipment, Soviet metal detector / mine seekers or Soviet ass buzzers. The problem with the ass buzzers is that they do not fit into ass nor do they buzz.

What you get here is a stinky cotton bag with parts of a metal detector inside. Be aware that the part set might not be complete, nor may there be any way to get the detector to detect metal, or even buzz. Luckily some of the components are anal insertable. You usually get the metal detector base unit, headphones, notebook, a lot of extending poles and a couple dead batteries.

If you find correct voltage batteries, the thing might work. No guarantees, and once again, all the parts may not be included. Even if the thing doesn't work, it's still good for training children to finds mines (that's what children are for) and makes a great wall hanger.

This product is used and signs of it's age are plenty.

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I would recommend for a friend
The kit is complete. I did not get a notebook but it came with a cute factory warranty that expired in 1985.

If you are considering buying one of these things, you should know it takes a weird and mostly obsolete battery - the b-cell, also known as 2R10. 2R10 batteries are still made in Eastern Europe so you can find them if you look. I will edit this review after I test the unit.

edit: It takes two and a half of the "duplex" style 2R10 batteries. I could only find a specific brand called Cameleon for import into the US, shipping from Germany. The duplex batteries are two individual cells inside a plastic case. To operate the unit I had to cut open one of the cases and stick one of the two individual cells in on top of two other duplexes.

Mine came with two caps for the battery compartment, one intended for short-term use according to the Polish instructions which makes it always on and a second bulkier one with an integrated power switch.

With that, the unit works fine. I do not have another metal detector to compare it to, but it seems to that it would be pretty good at detecting land mines. It will emit a steady tone from the headphones the entire time it is powered. When it detects metal, the pitch drops. There is one knob for adjusting the pitch. It has responded to every type of metal I've put under it.

Seems like a good buy at this price point. I imagine it is considerably more rugged than most other sorts of available metal detectors, though it offers no clues as to the depth or makeup of whatever it's detecting.
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