Polish long johns, surplus

Polish long johns, surplus

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Oh we know: you've been looking for a good pair of HBT cotton long johns for ages. Well stop and look here - the Polish military kept their soldiers well clothed up to the 90's with these vintage-inspired beauties.

In a nutshell, these are just the kind of underwear your mother warned you about:

  • Cotton: will soak up moisture, will never dry!
  • Stretch features mainly in the leg cuffs like a proper long johns should have!
  • Button-up front, button-up back, ask your co-human to help if needed.
  • Not even that cheap either!

We can't get enough of this: 100% cotton, herringbone twill, very thick for base layer material. This also means you can't really wear these out. Excellent news when the situation demands for you to get up from the bed with just the undies on, get out and start hauling gravel! Merino woolen underwear just will not endure this kind of stress. Wash in 60 degrees Celsius, or if you're adventurous, try 95 degrees.

Size info

Simple number size, with the actual measured waist and leg inseam in the brackets. Machine wash in 40 degrees Celsius. We tried and the trousers didn't shrink. Note that the size can be altered (reasonably about 3 cm to each direction) by changing the rear button locations. Very handy.

The leg length increases along with the size: in size 2 it's about 70-75 cm, the larger ones ranging up to over 80 cm. Traditionally long johns shouldn't even reach the floor anyway.

Geuniune Polish army stuff

Completely unworn! These have been stored in boxes for ages, until finally dug up and made ready to bring joy and misery to all mankind!

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Bought a pair, and I'm really happy. Can't talk about how they'd peform as underwear in tactical conditions, but since I'm using mine as fancy comfy pyjamas it's not my problem. The one downside for using them as pyjamas is the massive fly that can't close, so be ready to sew in an extra button if you don't want your junk to flap around.
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