Pentagon MAX-S 2.0 thigh pouch

34.99 EUR
Pentagon MAX-S 2.0 thigh pouch
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A more "tactical" option for a fanny pack, this medium sized thigh bag is just the thing to carry and organize most small gear you need to have with you. A great number of different compartments and organizers make sorting even those smallest trinkets a breeze.

  • Flat documents pouch on the body side, measurements 15 x 25 cm.
  • Larger pouch with top zipper, dimensions about 13 x 18 x 4 cm.
  • Smaller pouch that opens up completely using a three side zipper, fitted with lots of organizers for small trinkets, dimensions about 10 x 18 x 2,5 cm.
  • Small flat pocket, perfect for smartphones etc.
  • Velcro flap pouches on the sides.
  • Velcro for patches and a D-ring for hanging stuff on the outside.
  • Belt maximum length 135 cm.
  • Thigh strap maximum length 70 cm.

Material 600D High Tensile Polyester, DuraFlex buckles and SBS zippers.

Made by Pentagon

Greek based Pentagon produce military style clothing and gear for civilian use. Made in China.

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It's not bad, but the "adjustable" belts are made for rather large people. It'll require some DIY customization if you've a small waist (mine is 93 cm, so you get an idea) and leg.
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