Pentagon Elgon Heavy Duty Pants

Pentagon Elgon Heavy Duty Pants

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A pair of modern cotton cargo trousers, and unlike most of the stuff sold in clothing stores, these are actually very well thought out and to top it off, look pretty good! Being "tactical", they have some nice extra features hiding in plain sight.



  • Designed not to hinder movement in any way.
  • High, but not overly high waist. Zipper & snap fly, with a cleverly designed elastic waistband. The belt loops are wide enough for most belts, the manufacturer recommends Rigger's Belts.
  • Everything worth reinforcing is reinforced in different ways: double fabric on the arse and knees, and diamond cut groin area for spreading the pressure on a wider area. The knee reinforcements are actually pockets for padding of your choice.


  • Normal slash pockets, deep enough to keep stuff inside. Behind the right pocket is a zippered bonus pocket.
  • Two front pockets, perfect size for communication devices.
  • Two back pockets with a third, zippered one hidden in the other.
  • Cargo pockets with smaller pockets on top of them.
  • With a total of 12 pockets, these can accommodate everything a man needs and some more.


  • Made of 100% cotton fabric, 315 g/m2. In other words, it's thick, durable and comfortable.
  • All seams done with love and care, with critical points bar tacked for strength.

Wash in 40 degrees Celsius.

Regarding sizing

Sizes are given in centimeters, first up is user height, then waist circumference (measured just below navel for a correct fit). In the brackets the original size marked on the trousers - this are NOT Euro sizes! If you use inches, divide the centimeter sizes by 2,54, or google it for conversion websites.


Pentagon Tactical is a Greek kit supplier. Their stuff is of course made in China, but to very decent standards.

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Mukavat housut, voisin ostaa toisetkin kunhan varasto täydentyisi kokojen ja värien suhteen. Ainoa ongelma on, että ei niissä "kännykkätaskuissa" voi oikeasti pitää kännykkää, koska se painaisi ikävästi istuessa - mutta taskuissa olevat sisätaskut ovat just sopivan kokoiset pitämään oman älypuhelimeni paikallaan. Tiedä sitten kuinka kestäisivät kunnon runttua, mutta toimisto-/kaupunkikäytössä erinomaiset. Ne taskujen "peukaloreiät" ovat muuten vyötärön jouston toteutustavan sivutuote - ei kangas pullota ikävästi, kun kankaalla on tilaa liikkua.
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