Pattern 37 Small Pack, used

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Pattern 37 Small Pack, used
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BW webbing belt, old model, canvas, surplus

BW webbing belt, old model, canvas, surplus

2.99 USD

The West German canvas service belt. This 50 mm wide belt can be used equally well as a trouser belt as it can as part of the combat webbing. Very solid!

British PLCE gas mask bag, DPM, surplus

British PLCE gas mask bag, DPM, surplus

4.99 USD

A sturdy gas mask bag of the British army. PLCE model, this one is made of thick cordura and has a belt loop and an adjustable shoulder strap. Velcro & snap closure on the flap, pretty fast to use and secure too. As far as gas mask cases go, this one is very good, maybe even fit for a camera bag!

British CS95  Windproof Smock, DPM, surplus

British CS95 Windproof Smock, DPM, surplus

41.99 USD

One of the best field jackets ever made, the British Windproof Smock is famous for its versatility and thoroughly great design. A perfect jacket for round-the-year use. These are "old" Combat Soldier 95 DPM smocks from the times British army kit was actually made in the UK.

Finnish ladder buckle, surplus

Finnish ladder buckle, surplus

0.99 USD

A strong metal buckle "famous" from the Finnish army M/85 personal equipment system. When plastic doesn't cut it (even if it does), get this! Compatible with the standard 25 mm webbing straps.

The Pattern 37 Small Pack is probably the most sensible part of the whole webbing set. Supplies of these are drying up pretty fast, get yours while they last!

A mixed lot of British, Belgian and probably even Dutch bags. Some might even be wartime issue.

  • Thick, tough cotton construction
  • Measurements: 12 x 20 x 30 cm (5" x 8" x 11")
  • Protective flap secured with two straps
  • Divided into three compartments, the dividers can easily be pushed aside if needed
  • Attachment points for both a shoulder strap and backpack like L-straps (shoulder strap included, backpack straps not)
  • Most have attachment points for an M43 e-tool, some do not

Vintage army surplus

Used but perfectly serviceable. Some are a bit scruffy, but everything is intact and works. Colours vary from sandy mustard to green. The included strap might be green, khaki, gray or bluish, or something in between.

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