Pattern 37 Small Pack, used

Pattern 37 Small Pack, used

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The Pattern 37 Small Pack is probably the most sensible part of the whole webbing set. Supplies of these are drying up pretty fast, get yours while they last!

A mixed lot of British, Belgian and probably even Dutch bags. Some might even be wartime issue.

  • Thick, tough cotton construction
  • Measurements: 12 x 20 x 30 cm (5" x 8" x 11")
  • Protective flap secured with two straps
  • Divided into three compartments, the dividers can easily be pushed aside if needed
  • Attachment points for both a shoulder strap and backpack like L-straps (shoulder strap included, backpack straps not)
  • Most have attachment points for an M43 e-tool, some do not

Vintage army surplus

Used but perfectly serviceable. Some are a bit scruffy, but everything is intact and works. Colours vary from sandy mustard to green. The included strap might be green, khaki, gray or bluish, or something in between.


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I would recommend for a friend

Työkalulaukkuna esim katolle mentäessä kätevä. Ja miksei kotona sisälläkin. Pienikin säätö saattaa vaatia useankin työkalun, muttei koko pakkia. Monta vuotta käytössä ollut. Kestää! Pari vuotta sitten neuloin molle/pals-hihnan kumpaankin kylkeen. Niihin kiinni esim iso lipastasku, niin lisätilaa syntyy.
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I would not recommend to a friend

I purchased this item hoping that I'd receive something close to the khaki-colored exemplar in the photos above. No such luck! The item that arrived was a blotchy green with a shoulder strap somewhere between khaki and mustard-colored. There was no entrenching tool strap and buckle on the front of the bag. The bag was dirty, musty smelling, with corroded metal bits. There was actually sand in the interior (and maybe dried mud?). I've washed the bag twice with soapy water and let it sit in vinegar to get rid of the mildew smell that is only gradually fading. There were three (?) different lines of graffiti from previous owners (names and service numbers, perhaps -all done in pen and rather childish looking).

If you are looking for a tough-as-nails bag that will stand up to anything (and looks like it already has) this is a nice little piece of kit. If you want something in mint condition for reenacting or as a fashion accessory, look elsewhere.
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