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Outdoor Research Firemark Gauntlet Gloves, coyote, surplus

Outdoor Research Firemark Gauntlet Gloves, coyote, surplus

Price 48.99 USD excluding VAT

A little bringback from the States! These are some very strong quality combat/utility gloves from Outdoor Research. Practically unissued, for a cheaper price than you would find them in anywhere else.

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A little bringback from the States! These are some very strong quality combat/utility gloves from Outdoor Research. Practically unissued, for a cheaper price than you would find them in anywhere else.

In short, a pair of ridiculously comfortable, fire resistant, reinforced and overall pretty damn solid gloves for tasks requiring dexterity and a bit of protection too.

Hook 'n' loop adjustment at the wrist. In addition, the wrist extension can be folded inside if not required. The knuckle area is padded for protection. There's also webbing loops to aid in the donning process, or hanging the gloves from anywhere.

Just keep in mind, these are not meant for continuous heavy work, but combat use. They work best in tasks where the leather does not suffer from continuous abrasion from rough surfaces etc.

Materials and care

Made of Nomex and goat leather.

Machine wash in cold water, hang dry. The leather might benefit from light greasing. We recommend avoiding washing if possible. It's advisable to keep the gloves as clean as possible to prolong service life.

Size info

Sizes in the simple system, with comparable inch sizes in the brackets. The fit is very snug with these.

Genuine US surplus

These arrived to us in top notch condition, practically unsissued. Made by Outdoor Research in South Korea.

We suggest getting two pairs as you won't find these this cheap from other stores.


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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

Todella pätevät tappeluhanskat, ainakin omalla kohdalla toi sana "uudenveroinen" piti paikkansa paremmin kuin hyvin; hanskat oli vielä tehtaan muoveissa.

Aluksi tuntuivat jäykähköiltä mutta notkistuivat kyllä todella nopeasti; pistoolin ja kiväärin käsittely hanskojen kanssa sujuu vaivattomasti ja siten että tuntuma aseisiin säilyy. Rystysten pehmusteet on sen verran matalaprofiiliset että ei hankaloita esim käsien taskuun laittoa.

Kestävyydestä on vielä vaikea sanoa kun olen omistanut hanskat vasta vähän aikaa, mutta viimeisen muutaman vuoden ajan olen käyttänyt yksinomaan Outdoor researchin tappeluhanskoja juurikin niiden ylivoimaisen laadun ja istuvuuden takia, enkä usko että nämäkään tulevat olemaan poikkeus.

Koosta sen verran että ovat tosiaan naftit; normaalisti mulla istuu muiden valmistajien L kokoiset hanskat napakasti, OR:n hanskoista mun pitää ottaa aina XL koko.

Näin halvalla kun saa, taidan ostaa 2-3 paria lisää varastoon
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I would recommend for a friend

Todella hyvin istuvat hanskat kätösiin. HOX. Jos kätesi hikoavat niin hanskoista saattaa irrota ruskeaa väriä omiin käsiin.
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I would recommend for a friend

Uuh, kunnon operaattorihanskat. Näihin kun törmäsin niin tilaukseen meni. Ja hyvin toimiikin!
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I would not recommend to a friend

27.01.2020 (Edited 27.01.2020)
Pretty nice gloves.
Low price but also some negative points.
One glove I got (the right one) is nearly perfect. They are breathable, durable and hecking comfortable.
But the left one is poorly made. The index and middle fingers are sewn too toght to really fit inside, i have slender fingers and even with those i have pain wearing them for longer than 30 mins. You can really see the sewing line being shitty. Also the loop just teared off after a few times using it to fit my hand inside the glove.

So some really great gloves if they are produced right. Maybe mine was a 1 in a 100 model but even thats not good for this price
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I would recommend for a friend

Voittajan hanskat, hyvät kätösissä ja lämpimät joten menee hieman viileämmälläkin ilmalla. Täysin uudet tehtaan muoveissa joten ei käytetty olleet ainakaan omat hanskat, olin ensimmäinen joka sai vetää käteen :) näyttää ja tuoksuu hyvältä.
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I would recommend for a friend

19.04.2020 (Edited 19.04.2020)
I have had those gloves for about 3 weeks now, and they are very nice.
They fit my hands perfectly and are still comfortable after wearing them for a few hours out in the cold. The worksmanship is good, the leather has a good quality and is sturdy.

The only downsides or bad things i found are that the seams on the inside are a bit bad and i'm afraid that they will come off after a while of good use. The other thing is that one of the thumbs is just made weird, as it has a very long tip, like an alien finger. I cut off the little webbing loops because they tend to get in the way and snag on everything.

In the end i'm very happy with them, i had trouble finding a well fitting glove and this one checks all the boxes. I'd definitly reccomend it to anyone
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