Ops-Core FAST Base Jump Military Helmet

379.99 EUR
Ops-Core FAST Base Jump Military Helmet
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Ops-Core Wing Loc adapter
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Ops-Core Wing Loc adapter

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CPE Battle Belt, NIJ IIIA

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The non-ballistic version of Ops-Core´s FAST helmet. This lightweight military helmet is impact proof, yet extremely comfortable even when weighed down fitted with comms gear, NVGs, ear defenders etc. The perfect lightweight platform for all the fancy trinkets the modern day operator needs.

Features and accessories

  • Polycarbonate shell: Impact proof and very light weight, S/M: 596 g, M/L 630 g, L/XL 662 g.
  • OCC-Dial liner: The standard liner for Ops-Core helmets, adjustable to fit any head size and shape, and fast too!
  • VAS Shroud: Molded directly onto the forehead.
  • FAST ARC rails: Found on both sides of the helmets, these rails can be used to attach a plethora of accessories, earpros, flashlights etc.
  • Velcro patches: Because naturally you need to be able to attach all kinds of velcro stuff to your helmet.
  • Two padding sets: Two sets with different thickness for a perfect fit for any head shape. EPP impact cushions with LDV closed cell foam comfort pads.
  • Four point chin strap: Comforatble to wear with earpros and comms gear. Extremely stable, adjustable in every direction.
  • Wing-Loc Adapter: A quick detach adapter for screw-on devices, quick and easy to attach/detach from the side ARC rails.
  • Picatinny Adapter: A adapter for standard Picatinny rail systems such as weapon lights etc. Attaches onto the side ARC rails.
  • Universal Adapter: Attaches onto the NVG mount, used to attach cameras, lights and the like.
  • Carry bag: Yes, even a high quality carry bag is included! Made from neoprene for protection, has a small zippered pocket for the manual.
  • Warranty card, quick use manual and Helmet Operator´s Manual: Important and very informative papers, take care of these!

This is our standard model, but other setups (colour, liner options etc.) are available too! Email us for further info.


The FAST is made in three sizes, S/M, M/L, L/XL. Often this kind of pairing of sizes is just bullshit, but the Ops-Core liner system actually makes this true! The size of the helmet is so adjustable that a smaller head can comfortably wear a larger helmet.

Sized according to head circumference in centimeters. When Ops-Core says a helmets maximum size is 58 cm they mean it, if you want to wear even a thin beanie under your FAST we extremely strongly recommend you choose a helmet with a centimeter or two "excess" space.

Made by Ops-Core

Ops-Core is pretty much the one and only best ever military helmet manufacturer in the world today. Outside of their home in the US Ops-Core made helmets are used pretty much everywhere where there is a demand for the best possible combat helmets and money is not an issue.

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