NVA reservist handkerchief, surplus

2.99 USD
NVA reservist handkerchief, surplus
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This piece of headgear is worn mainly for two reasons - it is very warm and unbelievably ugly.

All members of the East German NVA received a large commemorative handkerchief upon honourable discharge.

The Volksmarine and Grenztruppen also had their own models.

The size is about 70 x 70 cm (27" x 27") and has "army pictures" on a white background with a DDR logo in the middle. The overall impression is almost positive, which is rare in any item from East Germany.

Reservists who were discharged because the East and West united were not issued this. They got off so easy, we figure they didn't need one.

East-German surplus

These are unissued, not stolen from veterans.

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