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Norwegian rucksack, with steel frame, surplus

Norwegian rucksack, with steel frame, surplus

Price 36.99 USD excluding VAT

The classic Norwegian army "Telemark" pack, a very basic military backpack with a steel frame. Simple, tough and cheap, an excellent example of proper army surplus kit! Affectionally known as "Ludvig" by norwegian troops, named after a character invented by norwegian author Kjell Aukurust. Originally made by Bergans.

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The classic Norwegian army "Telemark" pack, a very basic military backpack with a steel frame. Simple, tough and cheap, an excellent example of proper army surplus kit! Affectionally known as "Ludvig" by norwegian troops, named after a character invented by norwegian author Kjell Aukurust. Originally made by Bergans.

Altough this model hails from somewhere in between the ages of dragons and vikings, it was still issued in the Norwegian armed forces until recently. And why shouldn't it be? This is a really tough, soldier-proof basic rucksack that will surely outlast most modern plastic-fantastic contraptions. Nowadays getting scarce, get yours while stocks last!

Please note: The extra equipment, genuine enemy skull, norwegian snow monster pelts and traditional close combat weapons are not included! Same goes for all the extra straps in the pictures, these we can't guarantee.


  • Estimated total volume approx. 40 litres.
  • One large main compartment and two side pouches.
  • Large, well covering flaps with leather straps.
  • Adjustable leather shoulder straps.
  • Removeable steel frame, which can be carried separately. Things otherwise difficult to carry may be easier to lug around when fastened to a rigid frame.
  • Leather reinforced bottom.
  • A small zippered pouch inside the main flap.
  • Skis or two-handed axes can be carried behind the side pouches, but the straps might not be included. The same goes for any straps that are not permanently fixed to the ruck!

Extra kit can easily be strapped onto the ruck in many places, or directly to the frame. We recommend you stock up some utility straps just in case!

Materials vary a bit, most of these are green nylon, with some brownish ones in the mix too. Some are made of canvas. The straps, frame and style remain the same in all types.

Genuine army surplus

Used, but still perfectly serviceable, even in pretty nice condition generally. Many straps are fixed onto the ruck with multiple rivets, and some of these may have come loose (but this is rare). This rarely causes any trouble and is easily fixed with a couple of stitches or other own patents.


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4.71 / 5
12 ratings
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I would recommend for a friend

27.04.2017 (Edited 27.04.2017)
This is a good pack if you have a realistic expectations for it. This means that if you think of going backpacking with it, and loading the pack with a forty pounds of gear you should probably look for something else unless you are a masochist. The steel frame and leather straps are inferior to modern carrying systems and they don't support the weight that well, but if you think of using the pack as a daypack with 10-15 pounds of gear for couple of people go for it, it is actually quite comfortrable to carry.
The condition of my pack was OK but not that great. There were few loose rivets which you can fix with a riveting gun so this was minor, but the nylon sack despite beaing reapaired several times still had some small tears. I think that this was not the fault of the previous user who might had been rough on his equipment but rather a substantial flaw in the choice of materials used to construct the pack. While the frame and the leather parts will probaby outlive me, the nylon used was rather flimsy and prone to punctures and tears. Combine this with a field use and you will have an answer why the pack needed to be repaired several times.
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I would recommend for a friend

27.04.2017 (Edited 27.04.2017)
I would recommend for a friend

I bought this for general use and it is a great pack , After a wash and reproof this is a retro vintage pack that gets much attention . I lined it with a roll mat for ease of packing and i find it very comfortable . i treated all the grey leather components with leather spray and it now looks great feels great and i am very happy with this purchase , rugged , tough and looks great A+++++ I am in the UK no problems with posting and i am happy with and will shop again . A++++++++++++++ A multi purpose pack that i now use often from bushcraft,work and motorbike is does the lot ,
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I would recommend for a friend

Great old-school pack. Mine is a canvas version and came in great shape. One rivet reinforcing a side pocket was missing but I just made a leather washer and used a screw-style rivet. Sure this rucksack doesn't have all the features of my Bundesheer KAZ03 large rucksack...but sometimes you want a smaller, simpler pack. I added the Särmä sternum strap and added three of the Bundeswehr pack straps to the bottom of the frame. Even if you don't want to carry this in the field, pick one up as an addition to your of these days they will be gone.
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I would recommend for a friend

07.03.2018 (Edited 07.03.2018)
Näppärä ja nostalgiahenkinen satulareppu; yksi parhaista lajissaan. (Toinen hyvä on RVL:n vanha sissireppu) Kantomukavuutta voi lisätä olkahihnojen pehmusteilla, joiden tulee repun tyylin mukaisesti olla nahasta ja huovasta tehtyjä, ei mitään nailon-solumuovihömppää :) Vaikka satulareppujen telineet kehittyivät tässäkin olevan mallisiksi jo 1930-luvulla, ei tämä malli sentään 80-vuotias ole, kuten Mr V-Leka, Valtteri, viime viikonlopun GoExpon "muotinäytöksessä"
väitti. Reppu on vuonna 1953 markkinoille tulleen Bergans Falketind-repun sotilasversio. No on 65 vuottakin kunnioitettava ikä ja tätä valmistettiin ilmeisesti ainakin noin 30 vuoden ajan Norjan armeijalle!
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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

Great mid size old school pack.It is in like new condition, beyond my expectation.Canvas is is great condition,no tears, no rips, almost no sign of use and considering it is surplus pack it it excelent.I would recommend it.Great customer service and resonably priced shipping cost.I placed my order 4 days ago and I got the package this morning.Thank you!
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I would recommend for a friend

Old school extremely well put together piece of kit (at least the canvas model) ... all rivets that go through the canvas have leather grommets fore and aft the cotton for stress relieve ... also the leather straps (and all leather parts) are of reindeer leather, which has a nearly rubbery and springy quality to it. Went heavy on conditioning it and I now have a great looking large backpack.

Weightwise, its lighter than it seems from the pics, and the logistic information seems to confirm this (package weighted slightly below 2kg) ... top notch quality, if you can still buy something today, by those lifestyle-outdoor comps (LL-Bean, Duluth,...) you are looking at 3-400 bucks easily .... so its a no brainer.

I understand that the nylon version is way weaker (and the pics here with lots of tears and patches seem to confirm this) - but the canvass versión is a generation piece that can be handed down to the next generation.

I am extremely pleased with my purchase!
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I would recommend for a friend

18.02.2020 (Edited 24.02.2020)
I ordered two rucksacks, and I received the canvas version (whoohoo!) as well as the nylon version.

The canvas model is dated 1968 and rates a solid 5/5. It looks to be unissued -- or at least as close to unissued as a 52-year-old bag can look. All straps were included. Minor scuffing on the frame. No visible wear elsewhere.

The nylon bag is dated 1980 and rates a 3/5. The leather is a tad flimsier and the bag definitely has some miles on it. There are a few tiny pinholes in the fabric but no visible repairs. The leather piece that rests against one's back is starting to crack a little. The upper leather frame-retainer straps were cut off, but they are unnecessary anyway; many civilian and even some military versions of the bag don't even have them. The side straps are also missing, but I found that the BW "general purpose" straps are good replacements. Even in its current condition, this bag will probably outlive me.

All-in-all, I'd say these are a good deal at the current price of 36.99 USD.
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