Mil-Tec water pack basic 3,0 l

26.99 USD
Mil-Tec water pack basic 3,0 l
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Mil-Tec Bladder cleaning kit
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Mil-Tec Bladder cleaning kit

14.99 USD

This set contains everything you need to clean your bladder!

Finnish water bottle, 1 l

Finnish water bottle, 1 l

7.99 USD

Finnish Army current model water bottle. A very practical canteen with a large opening and a metal hook for carrying without a pouch. You know a piece of kit is pretty good if the soldiers don't complain about it.

Mil-Tec Modular System general purpose pouch, Small

Mil-Tec Modular System general purpose pouch, Small

8.99 USD

An affordable small utility pouch from Mil-Tec. Attach to anything with PALS on it and carry anything that you can fit in it. Some water canteens fit (not the US 1q though) and it's able to carry three 7.62 mm AK magazines in a pinch.

Mil-Tec water bladder, 3,0 l

Mil-Tec water bladder, 3,0 l

19.99 USD

A simple 3 l drinking bladder. Not surprisingly, this fits most backpacks with a bladder compartment. Excellent companion to the Mil-Tec Assault Pack.

Source Magnetic Clip

Source Magnetic Clip

6.99 USD

A pair of magnets to attach your drinking bladder tube to a shoulder strap. Just clip them on and you're good to go.

Särmä merino wool hoodie

Särmä merino wool hoodie

128.99 USD

Finally a proper hoodie - in this case the price doesn't come from a big name, but rather from the material, which is thickish Merino wool, which is probably the best fabric ever. Oh, and we haven't forgotten to design the cut properly too. Whether you like to move on foot or two wheels, for the love of God buy this!

Särmä viscose hoodie, black

Särmä viscose hoodie, black

59.99 USD

We already made a superior hoodie out of Merino wool, but that stuff is expensive. For the plebs is available this cheaper option which retains the superb cut and features and while not as fancy as the woollen one, still works like that to a degree - at less than half the price! If you just need a damn well designed hoodie for casual use, this is the ticket.

Mil-Tec soft knee pads

Mil-Tec soft knee pads

9.99 USD

A copy of the British army kneepads. Very simple, very cheap and very easy to repair if needed.

A hydration bladder and carrier for a price well below than just the bladder from more expensive brands. Despite the lower price, it's a fully functional hydration system and should do the job just fine.

If you don't need the carrying capacity of even a small backpack, this minimalistic carrier might just be the right thing.

The carrier has very little in terms of bells and whistles. Just straps and a sternum strap for carrying, a handle for hanging and another handle to make filling easier. The bottom back features three rows of PALS webbing to attach additional pouches if necessary, or a U-lock when cycling. The bladder and carrier together weigh approx. 420 grams.

Please note that the separately sold Mil-Tec bladder has a larger opening. You can use it with this carrier, but the opening won't fit through the hole in the carrier.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.

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Ostin tämän kesäisen juoksulenkin nesteytystarpeisiin. Juoksulenkillä tämä ei oikein toimi sellaisenaan, koska lantiovyön puute aiheuttaa sen, että tämä heiluu juostessa epämukavasti rakossa olevan veden noudatellessa fysiikan lakeja.

Kävelylenkillä toimii paljon paremmin ja juoksulenkilläkin sitten, kun tein tähän itse yksinkertaisen lantiovyön (jonka tarkoitus on siis vain estää rakkoa heilumasta selässä).

Tästä voi siis kuitenkin pienellä säätämisellä ja irtotaskun lisäämisellä saada ihan käyvän juomarepun sellaiseen menoon, kun ei tarvitse tai halua kantaa mukanaan isompaa reppua.
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