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Mil-Tec three person tunnel tent, olive drab

Mil-Tec three person tunnel tent, olive drab

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100 % recommends
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A handy three-person tent with a separate closed space for sleeping, and the rest for kit & kids and anything else you don't want to share the sleeping space with.

Consists of two parts : the main sleeping space for three persons, and the outer fabric (the tent itself) which provides rain shelter for rucksacks and boots. Even with your kit stashed there's still room for cooking. The doorway in the center can be raised to form a canopy. Both ends of the tent have vents with insect nets. These are protected against rain with downward-sloping flaps.

Simple erection instructions are included. We included a picture of those here, just in case you might lose the paper.


  • Measurements erected 415 x 190 x 120 cm, 60 x 20 cm when packed
  • Inner tent 210 x 180 cm
  • Weight about 4,4 kg
  • Top fabric: 190T polyester, with polyurethane coating
  • Lower fabric: 170T polyester
  • Bottom fabric: 125 g/m2 polyester
  • Water resistance 1200 mm
  • Glass fibre poles

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.


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100 %
4.4 / 5
5 ratings
Suomi (3)
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I would recommend for a friend

28.08.2016 (Edited 13.06.2017)
Kohtuullinen pystytettävä, mukavan tilava, menee kivasti meillä kaksi aikuista ja kaksi lasta sekä kaikki tavarat. Mahtuu takaisin omaan pussiinsa ilman kiroilua.
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I would recommend for a friend

Hinta/Laatu suhde erinomainen. Helppo kasata jopa yksin.
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I would recommend for a friend

03.07.2018 (Edited 26.02.2019)
Very simple and decent tent. I've been using it for about a month now and for just me there's perfect space under the fly to have all my stuff including backpacks, clothes in dry bags, my boots, my dog on a long sleeping pad.

Inside the main tent I squeezed in a actual mattress, have room for all my small essentials. Inside the tent it's breathable. It's only gotten down to +10c 50f and I've been cozy in the USMC 3 season sleep system and a woobie.

Not tested in rain or hot nights. I have laid my own ground sheet under the entire tent for protection and cleanliness. Great budget tent and should last if you're careful and take care of it. Zippers seem smooth for now but I've torn a connection or two for the inner tents attachment to the fly.

UPDATE: Tent is waterproof, had it sitting out setup in rain for months and stayed completey dry inside. Just not enough ventilation for warm weather.
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I would recommend for a friend

Laatuvaikutelma oli ensi puraisulla vähän ankeahko (lähinnä kamojen ja pakkausten ulkonäkö, sekä ohjeiden minimalistisuus reilusti kalliimpiin vaelluskamohin verrattuna), mutta tuote yllätti ensimmäisellä käyttökerralla kyllä erittäin positiivisesti. Kontekstina lyhyt vaellus Helvetinjärvellä ja yöpyminen n. +-nollassa, kaksi aikuista ja kaksi lasta. Ohjeilla eli yhdellä A4:lla teltta kasattiin tukevaksi vartissa, oli itse asiassa lopulta intuitiivisempi pystyttää ensimmäistä kertaa kuin Fjällrävenit tyyliin kamoissa ei ollut minkäänlaista kikkailua mutta eipä niitä normiolosuhteissa tarvitsekaan. Tilaa oli todella reilusti. Ainoa kehityskohde jonka voisi itse tähän tuunata on lisätä sisäteltan kiinnityksiä ulkotelttaan - kun teltta on täynnä niin reunoilla nukkuvilla sisäteltan kangas valahtaa melkein naamalle. Aikuisten retkellä tilat olisi aivan luksusta. Kestävyydestä paha sanoa mitään yhden reissun kokemuksella, mutta helposti meni takaisin pussiin eikä mitään hajonnut.
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I would recommend for a friend

It's fairly light weight which is great for hiking to your camp. I'm 6'4", 230lbs and me my wife and two small boys all fit inside. It's tight but good for when you're only using it to sleep in. If you want a tent to hang out in with others maybe something bigger would be in order.
I first set it up in a 10mph wind. It shook a little but held fast and was deceptivley calm inside. It would be nice if it had better instructions but it's easy enough to figure out. I'm considering buying a second so me and the misses can have some privacy when we're out for more than a couple days when it gets warmer.
Over all it's a nice tent and at the price a great tent.
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