Mil-Tec shooting gloves, neoprene, black

14.99 USD
Mil-Tec shooting gloves, neoprene, black
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Bollé Solis II ballistic sunglasses, blue lens

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A pair of high quality sunglasses with ballistic protection. Stylish enough for everyday wear, but also an excellent choice for shooting sports, motorcycling etc. Gray (Blue from the outside), 100% UV protected lenses. Plastic temple arms. Weight: 25 g. European standard EN166. The EN166 standard means these will handle a 6 mm 0,86 g ball pellet coming at 45 m/s. In other words, 1 J. Although these should be fine for low velcity airsoft, we do not recommend them for such activity because these days it usually isn't low velocity.

Mil-Tec neoprene gloves, black

Mil-Tec neoprene gloves, black

9.99 USD

Black gloves made of neoprene.

Mil-Tec soft knee pads

Mil-Tec soft knee pads

9.99 USD

A copy of the British army kneepads. Very simple, very cheap and very easy to repair if needed.

Pentagon Hermes softshell trousers

Pentagon Hermes softshell trousers

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Full nylon "action pants".These keep wind and light rain off, and breathe way better than GTX membranes. An excellent compromise for general use during the more unstable months of the year, either with Merino wool underwear or not. As a bonus for the civilian, these don't even look all that warry while still have pocket room for the essentials.

An incredible innovation, neoprene gloves that not only keep you warm but also let you handle tools and such like a pair of tactical shooters gloves!

Neoprene is a fine material, it protects well against the elements but as a drawback it has almost zero friction, making any attemts at precision work with a neoprene gloved hand an excercise in futility. But these are something else, the palm and fingers have been updated with a layer of Sarino artificial leather and Sure Grip patches, making everyday chores, rappelling, close quarters combat and such very much possible.

  • 50% Neoprene
  • 40% Sarino
  • 3% Sure Grip
  • 3% Elastan
  • 4% Other

The sizes run very tight, as gloves such as these are meant to fit snugly. If you're in between two sizes, pick the larger one.

New, made by Mil-Tec.

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Ostin nämä hanskat talvella pelattavia kyykkäpelejä varten. Plussat: hyvä pito karttua heittäessä, ei näpit kastu eikä muodostu jääkerrosta kartun kahvaan. Ainoa miinus on, että ainakin aluksi voi sormet palella jos nämä ovat ainoat hanskat eikä käytä sisäistä villapaitaa.

Kyykkähanskoina 3,5/5
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