Mil-Tec security liner belt, black

9.99 EUR
Mil-Tec security liner belt, black
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Mil-Tec security belt, black
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Mil-Tec security belt, black

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A copy of any generic security belt. Made of stiff and durable nylon - a first class utility belt.

Velcro, 50 mm, by the metre

Velcro, 50 mm, by the metre

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Does this even need an introduction? If you have been living under a rock all these years, Velcro is the easy way to attach things to each other, while still keeping the ability to separate them with a decent yank. Hook side and loop side sold separately. 50 mm (2") wide.

PVC Character Patch

PVC Character Patch

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Personalize your backpack, jacket or other piece of kit with your very own hashtag, abbreviation or whatever! We excluded the asterisk, so you can freely spell profanities as they are. If you always wanted your custom text on a morale patch without the hassle of special orders and minimum quantities, here's your solution!

A very stiff, buckleless low profile trouser belt. A security belt can be easily fitted on top of this thanks to the velcro surface.

These are 40 mm wide, stiff, black belts with one side covered in the "hook" part of the "hook and loop" fastener, also known as velcro. Although these make fine trouser belts, the main idea behind these is to offer a quick way to put on your security belt; you simply whip it around you against the underbelt and buckle up!

Please note: Some security belts have the velcro surface the other way around. If you want to ensure compatibility, just order one of our Mil-Tec security duty belts.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.

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