Mil-Tec security belt, black

14.99 USD
Mil-Tec security belt, black
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A copy of any generic security belt. Made of stiff and durable nylon - a first class utility belt.

The Mil-Tec security belt is made stiff 50 mm wide nylon, which will keep your utilities exactly where you want them. The belt can be adjusted with velcro and the minimum lenght is the maximum lenght divided by two. Features a quick release buckle.

Mil-Tec security belts are made for professional use. The model is copied from a well-known and tested model, which technically should ensure the functionality of the design.

Please note! Different security belts have different velcro systems - Mil-Tec's security belt has velcro loops on the inside.

Factory new and made by Mil-Tec. Available only in black.

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