Mil-Tec Modular System magazine pouch, G36

8.99 EUR
Mil-Tec Modular System magazine pouch, G36
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An extremely cheap modular pouch intended for two G36 mags.

MOLLE attachment on the back.

Measurements about 9 x 8 x 18 cm.

The following magazines will fit:

  • 2 x G36
  • 2-3 x FAL/G3/M14
  • 2-4 x M16/M4
  • 4-6 x MP5

Although we would not recommend these for any actual military/law enforcement use, they work well enough in airsoft or paintball. And don't even cost much.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec

Product reviews

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I would not recommend to a friend
I am using 4 of this on my MLCS web gear from BlackHawk!, now from the get go the pouch is bigger than your usual M4 pouches, so some adjustment needed. Now the press studs on these pouches are a bit weak if you just going to put it straight through the molle, so I recommend cross weaving through the molle like this one ( The inside of the pouches has 4 velcros that allow putting a block in-between the pouch, though it is pretty hard to take it out and you might end up pulling some woolen out so be aware. The biggest problem I have with this is that it seems like Varusteleka send it in a bag from the beginning, so some of the pouches are deformed when I received it which can be fixed if you spent the time to put some heavy object inside to expand it to normal structure. The quality part is mostly on the sewing of the pouch (but then again it's super cheap to begin with), otherwise, the pouch itself if fine and can take a beating.
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