Mil-Tec Mag Carrier Chestig -
Mil-Tec Mag Carrier Chestig

Mil-Tec Mag Carrier Chestig

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A very simple chestrig, designed to carry magazines and magazines only. The simple construction means that the price ain't too bad either!

This basic chestrig is just like the old Chicom AK-rigs, but modernized. Four large magazine pouches, and two pistol mag pouches with adjustable flaps. The large pouches each take most normal assault rifle magazine, including most 7,62x51 mm mags. Two M16 mags can be stuffed in with some force. By stretching the pouch this can be made much easier if necessary. Two MP5 mags will also fit with ease. The pistol mag pouches take in most single-stack and at least 9mm double-stack mags and short MP5 mags. All pouches close with thick velcro flaps and feature drain holes on the bottom.

Excellent adjustments in every direction - this rig stays where it should. All straps can be opened with large plastic quick-release buckles. Maximum waist circumference is 140 cm, and minimum, well, small enough.

The material is 100% polyester.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.

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5/5 01.06.2016
Vihdoinkin chestrigi joka oikeasti kesstää aikamoista rymyämistä! Hinta-Laatusuhde on todellakin kohdillaan. (Jos softaa niin BB-Loaderi mahtuu kivasti pistoolitaskuun)
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