Mil-Tec headlight, 3 kpl LED / 1 kpl Krypton, black

9.99 USD
Mil-Tec headlight, 3 kpl LED / 1 kpl Krypton, black
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CPE Duffle bag, 100L

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This is basically a straightforward copy of the legendary Hagor gear bag, but much better quality! This bag is just what you want a heavy duty kit bag to be: large and real tough, topped off with a few side pockets. Total volume a huge 100 litres.

A simple yet effective headlight for situations when you need both your hands. Works with 3 LED- and one krypton light, 3 AAA-batteries, has a fully adjustable headband, and is black. What more can be said? Oh, and it works well and is reliable. Great stuff!

Batteries not included. Made by Mil-Tec.

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Hinta on halpa, mutta tuote ei ole sen arvoinen. Krypton-polttimon valovoima ei ole kummoinen. Pattereiden kestoikä on LED-valoihin verrattuna surkean lyhyt. Lisäksi lampun sisuskalut on niin huonolaatuiset, että käyttöikä jäi varsin lyhyeksi ennen kuin alkoi pätkiä ja sitten pimeni kokonaan.
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