Mil-Tec collared shirt, white

18.99 USD
Mil-Tec collared shirt, white
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BW neck tie, surplus

BW neck tie, surplus

2.99 USD

The problem with civilian neck ties is that they just fall apart in real rough use. Military neck ties are made to withstand combat. And if you plan on going to a fight without a tie, maybe you're not a real gentleman!

Mil-Tec collared shirt, short sleeve, musta

Mil-Tec collared shirt, short sleeve, musta

16.99 USD

A basic, comfortable collared shirt with short sleeves and removable epaulettes. The thin fabric makes it airy enough for hot weather use as well.

Bundesmarine pea coat, long, dark blue, surplus

Bundesmarine pea coat, long, dark blue, surplus

36.99 USD

Not quite a greatcoat but not as short as a traditional pea coat, this German navy coat is made of very nice woollen gabardine style fabric and is complete with a zip-on liner and brass anchor buttons. Nice enough to wear at formal occasions, but not at all a bad choice for regular use either, just don't wear cargo pants with it! Superbly proper quality for cheap.

Finnish M58 dress shirt, short sleeve

Finnish M58 dress shirt, short sleeve

5.99 USD

The more humanlike models of the Finnish army shirts. These fit like they should, practical for what they are and manufactured in Estonia. Factory surplus paid by the Finnish taxpayer, thus the cheap price. Superb deal, this stuff is way better than what you usually find.

Mil-Tec Safety Lanyard

Mil-Tec Safety Lanyard

7.99 USD

A piece of "telephone wire" that will keep your sidearm, flashlight or home keys from dropping in muddy ditch.

BW survival vest, Flecktarn, surplus

BW survival vest, Flecktarn, surplus

13.99 USD

German army Flecktarn camouflaged service shirts converted to vests by East German ladies.

Everyone should own at least one white collared shirt. The damn things usually tend to cost surprisingly much. This one is on the more affordable end of the scale, but still qualitywise at least on par with anything you find in standard clothing stores.

If this looks too "military" (we won't blame you there, this is modeled after the German Bundeswehr shirt), you can carefully cut off the pockets and remove the epaulettes by opening buttons and sliding them out.

Made of thin 65/35% polycotton. Do everyone a favour, use a white wifebeater underneath or risk your nipples showing through.

Size info

Sizes in the "easy" system, but we have given approximate shirt sizes too (neck circumference in centimeters). The cut is somewhat slim.

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Hyvän laatuinen ja tyylikäs polettipaita. Tuli vaan rypyssä, vähän likaisena ja meni silitettäväksi. Vanhalle resulle hinta hieman liian korkea, mutta saihan sen kuntoon !
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