Mil-Tec collared shirt, short sleeve, musta

17.99 EUR
Mil-Tec collared shirt, short sleeve, musta
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Mil-Tec collared shirt, long sleeve, black

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A basic, comfortable service shirt. 100% cotton ripstop.

Finnish M58 dress shirt, short sleeve

Finnish M58 dress shirt, short sleeve

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The more humanlike models of the Finnish army shirts. These fit like they should, practical for what they are and manufactured in Estonia. Factory surplus paid by the Finnish taxpayer, thus the cheap price. Superb deal, this stuff is way better than what you usually find.

Blackhawk Tactical Shirt, Long sleeve

Blackhawk Tactical Shirt, Long sleeve

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The tactical shirt from Blackhwak is just that - a very practical top for situations where a collared shirt would be the best option. Not only these have a bunch of nice pockets and stuff, but they have an active cut, meaning you can freely move around in it; a feature we would love to see more in these kind of shirts.

A basic, comfortable collared shirt with short sleeves and removable epaulettes. The thin fabric makes it airy enough for hot weather use as well.

Smart choice for the office, this shirt is best worn with neat clothing. For a suitable bottom, look for parade/uniform trousers instead of field trousers.

Sizing according to chest girth in centimetres. If you're even a bit over the suggested measurement, pick the larger size or the fit will be quite tight. The picture shows size S on a torso with 96 cm chest.

Neck size in centimetres for those more familiar with that system:

  • S: 38 cm
  • M: 40 cm
  • L: 42 cm
  • XL: 43 cm
  • 2XL: 45 cm

65% polyester, 35% cotton.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.

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Kaikista vitseistä viis, sopii hyvin kesään kevyen materiaalin takia ja rintataskut on näppärät kun housujen taskut ei riitä mutta on liian kuuma takkia varten. Voihan tätä talvellakin pitää kunhan laittaa pitkähihasen alle.
Viimeistelyn laatu on kyllä mil-teciä: langanpätkiä ja epäsiistit epoletit huomaa jos etsii, mutta ei sinänsä haittaa käytössä
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