Mil-Tec Cloth camo tape, 10 m

6.99 USD
Mil-Tec Cloth camo tape, 10 m
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Mil-Tec Fabric Camo Wrap, Woodland

Mil-Tec Fabric Camo Wrap, Woodland

6.99 USD

Camo wrap that sticks to itself and nothing else. Excellent for camouflaging all kinds of things, as this wrap does not leave glue traces or damage surfaces. Doesn't glow when seen through NV goggles either!

BW Panzerklebeband tape, Olive Drab

BW Panzerklebeband tape, Olive Drab

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ACHTUNG PANZER! Just like 100 mph tape, except better. And German.

McNett Camo Form camouflage wrap

McNett Camo Form camouflage wrap

19.99 USD

The one and only original McNett Camo Form wrap, this elastic textile wrap is a quick, easy and affordable solution for camouflaging any and all equipment, perfect not only for military use but also for hunters or wildlife photographers. The wrap adheres to itself but does not leavy any sticky glue or other nasty gunk on the surface of what ever it was used on. The matte surface eliminates shine and the tape also dampens noise, and naturally this stuff is NIR compliant.

A 10 m roll of 50 mm wide cloth tape. Best suited for all sorts of camouflageing purposes and taping loose ends. Made of strong fabric.

Colors available are black, tan, olive drab Flecktarn and Woodland camo.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.

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Kestävän oloista ja mukavan tuntuista. Suurin miinus on liimapinta, se on pitävyydeltään käytetyn laastarin tasoa. Lähteepähän helposti ja jälkiä jättämättä pois, mutta ei kyllä sovellu mihinkään pitkäaikaisempaan asennukseen.
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