Mil-Tec BW model one hole wool balaclava, black

5.99 USD
Mil-Tec BW model one hole wool balaclava, black
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Cheap black 100% wool balaclava by Mil-Tec. Just a handful, dead stock from a dead shop.

Made of stretchy wool (the eyehole not being quite as stretchy), with extensions on the front and back to cover your neck. Surprisingly for a Mil-Tec product these actually are made of real wool.

Dead stock from Inttistore Ltd.

A company called Inttistore went under and we bought the whole stock, that's where these are from. These are cheaper across the board than they originally retailed for, and present excellent bang for the buck.

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Very light, fine, itchy wool this is perfect for camping. It did protect my face from the heat of a large campfire as I approached to put my kettle and it did help me through a cold night in my hammock. Itchy, protects from heat/cold: this is definitely wool.
Grab one because you will always find a use for it out there and it packs down to a small roll.
I'll give it a lanolin treatment soon to get rid of the itchiness.
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