Mil-Tec Boonie hat

4.99 USD 9.99 USD
Mil-Tec Boonie hat
Khaki Temporarily out of stock
Woodland Temporarily out of stock
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British PCS combat jacket, MTP, unissued

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The latest pattern Personal Clothing System shirt. This is best described as a very Britishly styled ACU jacket, or, in short, one real good piece of clothing. In unissued, virtually new condition!

The boonie is superb for field use: it protects your face and neck from sunlight and rain while also breaking up the shape of your head, which is essential for anyone who wants to blend into their surroundings. Surplus from the dead stock of Inttistore Ltd., one-off lot.

Boonies come equipped with a chinstrap with an adjustment slider, which is usually made of leather. With this you can either make sure the hat doesn't come off when you're going fast, hang it daintily down your back when you aren't using it or turn up the sides of your hat and wear it "Aussie-style".

Around the base of the hat there is a foliage ring, which is essentially a strap of fabric sewn on the hat that you can attach camouflage materials to. On the sides of the hat are two screened metal eyelets for better ventilation.

The material is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The comparatively high polyester content makes the hat dry much faster than pure cotton.

Factory new and made by Mil-Tec.

Dead stock from Inttistore Ltd.

A company called Inttistore went under and we bought the whole stock, that's where these are from. These are cheaper across the board than they originally retailed for, and present excellent bang for the buck.

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