Mil-Tec balaclava, 3-hole, acrylic

Mil-Tec balaclava, 3-hole, acrylic

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Acrylic 3-hole balaclava; two holes for eyes and one for the mouth. This thick balaclava was designed for the cold of winter and is really warm. Available in a few different colours!

These are thick and made entirely of acrylic. The material does not hold up great amounts of humidity, and like wool, keeps you warm even when wet. Also good for people allergic to wool.

Important safety notice! Acryl and fire make terrible friends. It burns and melts rapidly and the fumes aren't really healthy, either.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.

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Ostin lapsille yksireikäisen ja itselle kolmireikäisen. Olimme kyllä näky kun veimme lapsia kovalla pakkasella kerhoon.
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