Mil-Tec 1-point sling, black

15.99 USD
Mil-Tec 1-point sling, black
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Tasmanian Tiger Single Sling

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One point sling of simple design - even a monkey could use it. It is sturdy, yet flexible and fully adjustable. Quick release buckles mean you can dispose the sling quickly if necessary.

Särmä merino wool hoodie

Särmä merino wool hoodie

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Finally a proper hoodie - in this case the price doesn't come from a big name, but rather from the material, which is thickish Merino wool, which is probably the best fabric ever. Oh, and we haven't forgotten to design the cut properly too. Whether you like to move on foot or two wheels, for the love of God buy this!

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USMC field cap, MARPAT, surplus

USMC field cap, MARPAT, surplus

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Genuine USMC field caps in MARPAT Woodland.

A more affordable one point sling. It still works just as it should, and rather miraculously seems to hold up just fine. However, these are best used by taller people, as the adjustments are pretty unforgiving to the vertically challenged.

Essentially a bundle of nylon straps with elastic tubing and an aluminum clip hook. We had our doubts about the durability of said hook, but after some rigorous trials (we dragged one of our employees by it) it was still perfectly intact, apart from some scratches. If it takes a man, it certainly should cope with most rifles too.

Good adjustments - at least if you are over 180 cm tall.

Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.

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