MFH SAAV M83 combat vest

36.99 USD
MFH SAAV M83 combat vest
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Mil-Tec water bladder, 3,0 l

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Russian VSR camouflage uniform, surplus

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Swedish M1940 holster, brown, surplus

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When we were young and virile, we used to play airsoft wearing these copies of the South African apartheid era combat vests. No wonder - good price, loads of pockets and comfortable to wear.

The SAAV (South African Assault Vest) is a proper good solution for carrying your stuff around. Easily enough for a day's work.

  • 6 mag pouches, room for a total of 10 mags.
  • A small general purpose pouch and two smaller for grenades/compasses/PMR radio etc.
  • Two large side pouches: work as large GP pouches, water bottle pouches or dump pouches. Easy to handle & large capacity.
  • A rucksack part divided into two compartments. You can cut the divider out if you want to, making it into one large space.
  • More stuff can be attached to the rucksack with the provided straps and loops.

Which mags fit in?

These mags fit

  • M16, M4, FAMAS etc.: 10 pcs
  • MP5 mags, about 20 pcs
  • AUG mags about 6-10 pcs, might require some stretching
  • G3, FAL & M14 mags about 4-6 pcs, barely

These mags do not fit

  • AK mags - in theory you can stuff five of these in, but there are way better vests for them
  • P90 mags. Don't even ask.
  • Other long SMG mags, like MP40.

Pro tips

Load it up like this:

  • Mags to the mag pouches (!)
  • If you have a sidearm, it'll fit the lower right mag pouch.
  • PMR radio goes to the small pocket near the left shoulder
  • Reloading tools or grenades front general purpose pouch
  • BB's and rain cape to the left side pouch
  • Rations and first aid to the right side pouch
  • Drinking bladder gos to the backpack part, with the tube over the left shoulder. Secure it with a zip tie.
  • Naturally you can haul all kinds of shit in the pack, like rain gear or a pullover.

Adjustable for up to euro size 52 people. Any bigger than this, and you'll have trouble. Unless you decide to lenghten the adjustment straps, which isn't too hard.

Made by MFH, these are basically low-price copies of the originals, decent for paintball/airsoft etc. use.

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