Mechanix Original Glove 0.5 mm, black

33.99 USD
Mechanix Original Glove 0.5 mm, black
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Mechanix FastFit Gloves

Mechanix FastFit Gloves

19.99 USD

Like the name implies a bit, these gloves are probably not at their best at construction sites, but rather offer a very dextrous grip even for Mechanix gloves. Not only lighter in material thicknesses than the classic Mechanix gloves, but for these they also omitted the wrist velcro strap for a standard piece of elastic band. Light and comfy, these are the stuff for fiddly tasks.

A variant of the standard Mechanix, these are just made of thinner materials on the palm side and fit more snugly, giving an excellent grip and dexterity.

  • 0,5 mm thickness for superb dexterity, excellent for shooting use.
  • Palm and fingertips are light but durable Clarino synthetic leather.
  • Back of the hand made of stretchy, lightweight and fast drying TrekDry fabric.
  • Velcro strap on the wrist for adjustment, along with hanging loops.

Mechanix gloves are first and foremost, despite the name, very dextrous gloves for more fiddly tasks, not your standard stuff for hauling rocks and digging ditches. In costruction site like situations you will be better off with traditional heavy work gloves. If you want a very nice compromise of durability and dexterity, try Mechanix. They work well with firearms and other fiddly machines and are a popular choice among shooters and military personnel.

Factory new, made by Mechanix Wear. Made in Vietnam.

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