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MD-Textil Cobra Dutybelt

MD-Textil Cobra Dutybelt

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Don't get caught with your pants down! Here's a robust belt for robust users. Clicking the buckle shut is like closing a vault, that's how secure these are.

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Don't get caught with your pants down! Here's a robust belt for robust users. Clicking the buckle shut is like closing a vault, that's how secure these are.

  • 45 mm / 1.8" width, fits most belt loops
  • AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle rated to 9 kN
  • Easy on and off without adjusting every time

The webbing of this belt is Class 7a according to MIL-W-4088 and has a breaking load of 2700 kg (roughly 6000 lb). The webbing is double laid and treated with resin to make it reasonably stiff without the feeling of a steel band around your waist. As requested by German police special units the Ranger Green belt is significantly stiffer of the two and the black belts are the more comfortable choice.

The above means this can be used as an equipment belt and you can easily hang a sidearm from it too.

Size info

The belt length is the absolute circumference of the belt - do not choose any extra length! The measurement style is comparable to a regular leather belt from the hole to the buckle, rather than the overall length.

The manufacturer recommends putting a measuring tape through your belt loops when wearing the pants without a belt. They specifically warn against measuring an existing belt, converting the pants size or card-reading.

Safety notice

Despite having a specified high breaking load, this belt is not made for climbing or high work safety.

Handmade in South Germany

MD-Textil is a family-owned business dedicated to tactical and technical gear. To deliver only the best quality and maintain sustainable production, they are in close co-operation with special forces and do not source basic materials from low-wage countries. All MD-Textil products are crafted using state-of-the-art machines, which are almost as precise as German workers themselves.


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I would recommend for a friend

16.07.2019 (Edited 07.08.2019)
Erittäin mukavan tuntuinen vyö, pelkäsin jotain teräsvannetta. Ja otin vihreän, joka on vieläpä se jäykempi versio tuote-esittelyn mukaan. Hyvältä vaikuttaa, laitan lisää kommenttia, jos keksin jotain vikaa vyöstä. Ostin tämän, kun olen kyllästynyt pujottelemaan kaikenlaisia solkia - elämänlaatua lisää. Naks vaan ja housut pois. Kokeilin laittaa Särmän taktisiin farkkuihin, yllättävän tiukat vyölenkit, vaikka väitetään 50 mm:ksi ja samalla tämän vyön pitäisi olla 45 mm. Eli pitäisin tätä vyötä kyllä 50 mm vyönlenkkejä vaativana, eli 50 mm vyönä. Ei ole mikään lentokenttävyö, urossolki pitää irroittaa, jotta vyön saan läpi lenkeistä. Tietysti hyvä asia siinä mielessä, etteivät soljet karkaa lenkkien läpi kun vyö on auki. Noniin, koeajo alkakoon! Hyvin toimii myös Kenttähousujen kanssa.Musta versio on erinomainen Leka Taktisten Farkkujen kanssa.
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I would recommend for a friend

Very, very tight fit in the Sarma clothes with 50mm loops. Slightly looser in the TST L4 trouser loops, but either way the male end has to be removed. But, this is in no way a flaw of the belt, and the belt itself is great, easily adjustable, and secure.
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I would recommend for a friend

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