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Magpul Explorer Sunglasses

Magpul Explorer Sunglasses

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The Magpul Explorer is a casual design that incorporates high-performance features for those times when you want both protection and style in your life.

With the same lens and frame construction and materials as the Terrain and the Summit, the Explorer provides extreme impact resistance, durability, and flexibility in a more lightweight package you can wear everywhere.

Available with polarized and non-polarized lenses.


Constructed of TR90NZZ, the frames combine lightweight construction, strength and flexibility with excellent coverage

Though not rated to Z87.1 due to the wrap and shape, the lens and frames were engineered to the Z87.1 ballistic impact protection standards.

Oleophobic treatment of lenses provides liquid and other chemical protection and added scratch resistance. Anti-reflective coating on the inside of lenses minimizes distracting reflections.

A casual style includes a more relaxed wrap and more flexibility at the temples for long-term usage

Padded low profile temples integrate smoothly under helmets, communication headsets and over the ear hearing protection.

Coated stainless steel pins provide simple but dependable hinge functionality. Rubber nose and temple pads are overmolded to the frame for durability.

Lens choice

Polarized lenses reduce reflected light, ie. glare. When you have a lot of reflective surfaces around you, like water, wet road etc and sunny conditions, you see better with these.

Polarized lenses are a popular choice for driving, high-speed sports and fishing - the latter because you see through the water surface and not so much the glare on the surface. We only go fishing in the dark with stolen reels and rods and always drunk, so we wouldn't know what kind of sunglasses you need for that.

Magpul has compiled this table for you to check out, but in the end you'll probably just pick a colour that looks cool. That's fine.

About Magpul

Magpul Industries is an American designer and manufacturer of firearms accessories and related items. The name comes from the first product released in 1999, a rubber add-on to a 5.56 mm STANAG magazine to help pulling it out of a pouch. Anything that says "Magpul" is always well designed, which means it gets the job done but is also simple. We like their attitude.

Magpul Explorer Video


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