Lotta-Svärd uniform #1

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Lotta-Svärd uniform #1
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A real deal Finnish Lotta-Svärd organization uniform from the war years, complete with a metal Lotta-Svärd badge. A nice and clean example. One-off piece!

Lotta-Svärd was a crucial part of keeping Finland and its armed forces running during the war years. After the war it was banned as a fascist organization as a part of the peace treaty with Soviet Union.

This original Lotta uniform is made of lightweight gray cotton and is complete with a Lotta-Svärd metal badge worn on the collar.

Included is the metal badge worn on the collar, which is not original to this particular garment but original anyway. Numbered 925 | 08.

Size info

Collar circumference 37 cm, chest circumference 102 cm, waist 84 cm, hip circumference 108 cm, sleeve length from shoulder seam 63 cm. Apparently by the Lotta uniform size system this would be "II" (these come in four sizes: I, II, III and IV).


In very nice condition for its age, there's just a few very small holes, some cracking on a few buttons and one missing snap on the collar. An excellent display or possibly even wear item. In Finland it's looked dimly upon if someone not having belonged to the organization wears one of these.

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