Large tent, 500 x 600 x 320 cm, with accessories

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Large tent, 500 x 600 x 320 cm, with accessories
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As the name says, this is larger than many downtown apartments. High quality, too. We also rent tents like this.

Based on an East German headquarters tent, this one provides 30 m2 of space high enough to stand in. Easy set up and rugger construction, one of our rental tents is 2005 vintage, has seen A LOT of use and is still in good condition.

  • 5x6 m straight sided base
  • 175 cm side poles, 320 cm center poles
  • Two doors on opposite ens, coverable windows on the walls, two roof windows
  • The design allows for walls to be lifted up, though there are no integral fittigns to keep them that way
  • Packs into two polesets and one main bag.


  • Usually we have a couple of tents in stock, but if for some reason we dont, delivery time is about 2 weeks.
  • No Cash-on-delivery for large tents! We only accept the Online Bank Transfer method, i.e. payment beforehand. Be sure to choose the right payment method when ordering.
  • Shipping abroad: No. "The poles are too long", said the postal service. Welcome to the future. Domestically these are fine.

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3.5/5 08.06.2016
Telttasetin keskisalkojen välinen salko oli liian pitkä. Piti DIY ja lyhentää. Jos oltais oltu sodas, eikä olis ollu rautasahaa, oltais kuoltu

Ainut, mikä telttasetissä epäilytti oli Mil-tec. No se tuli vastaan edellämainitussa episodissa. Ollaan kuitenkin tyytyväisiä ostokseen muuten ja yövytty vastaavissa useita öitä aikaisemmin. Tuskin siis mitään suurempia mörkljö tulee vastaan.
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