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Laitilan Gini Long Drink

Laitilan Gini Long Drink

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Laitila's Gini Long Drink is a fizzily fresh long drink based on London Dry Gin. London Dry Gin's intense, but refined juniper tones combined with the bright, freshness of a grapefruit drink are sure to exceed expectations and leave the competition far behind.

Originally, long drinks (known as 'lonkerot' in the Finnish vernacular) were created for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics in order to lighten the load of restaurant staff when serving the teeming throngs of Olympic tourists.

The only flavours available at that time were bottled long drinks based on gin, brandy and bitters. Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas is the only producer to offer three refreshing long drinks based on these three original flavours. Try one and you'll try them all!

Best served very cold.

  • Alc: 5.5 vol-%
  • Vol: 33 cl

Ingredients: water, sugar, gin, carbon dioxide, natural flavours, acidity regulator (citric acid), preservative (potassium sorbate), stabilisers (E414, E445).

Only available to adults in our walk-in store!


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