Laitilan Brändy Long Drink

Laitilan Brändy Long Drink

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Laitila's Brändy Long Drink is made with genuine ingredients. After a very thorough round of testing, we finally found a brandy with just the right soft smoothness. However, even on its own, brandy is such a pungent distillment that the best available Finnish denatured spirits were needed to take the edge off. When we diluted this "cut brandy" with an oak-aged fruit juice concentrate, it resulted in a vivacious, harmonious and refined concoction, which we dubbed Laitila's Brändy Long Drink.

Best served very cold on its own or with a cut cognac.

  • Alc: 5.5 vol-%
  • Vol: 33 cl

Ingredients: Water, sugar, denatured spirits, brandy, acidity regulator (citric acid), fruit juice concentrate, natural flavours, colouring (E150d), carbon dioxide, preservative (potassium sorbate).

Only available to adults in our walk-in store!

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