JNA genocide beret, unissued

JNA genocide beret, unissued

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Looking professional when committing genocide is is mostly achieved by using a beret like all other pros do. These berets have been so popular in the Balkan's numerous conflicts it makes our heads hurt. Unissued.

We can't get more of these berets, but since this is probably our best-known product page due to a controversy, we're keeping it visible.

Olive drab colour ensures the genocider will remain hidden from his prey until it's too late for them to do anything. We think that's a bit tasteless.

Size info

Sizes in an interesting 1-2-3 system, with centimetre sizes behind. These can be tightened a centimetre or two with the tie strings.

Most made in Serbia, many are even dated in the 2000's. Hey, why not be prepared for the next war?The cockade or big band shown in the picture is not included. Hey, why not see them in action here. Catchy tune, we have to admit.

Newsflash! They got the accordion player and he was charged and condemned for - you guessed it - genocide. It's all true!


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