Jämä wool backpack

88.99 - 108.99 USD
Canvas reinforced model, buckle flap.
Jämä wool backpack
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Finnish M05 mesh sack, black
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Finnish M05 mesh sack, black

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A Finnish military spec mesh sack. Great for storing stuff or as a laundry bag. Made in Finland - these are no bullshit.

Särmä merino wool hoodie

Särmä merino wool hoodie

128.99 USD

Finally a proper hoodie - in this case the price doesn't come from a big name, but rather from the material, which is thickish Merino wool, which is probably the best fabric ever. Oh, and we haven't forgotten to design the cut properly too. Whether you like to move on foot or two wheels, for the love of God buy this!

Särmä merino watch cap

Särmä merino watch cap

24.99 USD

Standard woolly cap engineered to its full potential. Superb fit, uncompromising workmanship and the best possible materials don't come cheap but this one should last for a lifetime, provided you don't lose it.

Särmä heavy neck tube, Merino wool

Särmä heavy neck tube, Merino wool

19.99 USD

A thick merino wool buff. Long enough to cover neck and head and can be folded in half for extra warmth and insulation. These are surprisingly affordable considering the material quality and the fact that these are made right here in Finland!

Jämä hobo bag

Jämä hobo bag

14.99 USD

The most fashionable thing there is: a very durable fabric shopping bag, or hobo bag like we like to call these. Not only is this bigger and better designed than most what you see in grocery stores, this is also way more ecologial: the material is 100% recycled. Made right here at Varusteleka!

Jämä Blanket Shirt

Jämä Blanket Shirt

88.99 USD

A proper bushcrafty Blanket Shirt, a primite "low-tech" design where the superior natural qualities of wool combined with simple yet clever details make for a very functional outdoors jacket. These are sewn by us using good quality military surplus wool blankets!

Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat pack

Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat pack

98.99 USD

A smaller, lighter, sleeker variant of our full blooded Särmä TST Combat Pack. 10 liter volume, lots of PALS on the outside, a flat zippered pouch on the back, hydration bladder compartment on the inside, tie down straps against the back and a large mesh pocket on the inside of the panel lid.

Särmä TST DP10 Roll-Top daypack

Särmä TST DP10 Roll-Top daypack

68.99 USD

DP10 as in DayPack, 10 litres, is a small roll-top pack with generous PALS webbing for additional pouches and gear. Extremely simple, extremely reliable (and easy to repair if ever necessary). Can be integrated into a rucksack (as a daypack lid) or vest/body armour (as a combat pack) using separate adapters.

Jämä Luhka

Jämä Luhka

78.99 USD

The good old "Laplander Cloak". The Luhka, or Luhkka, is an age old poncho style design that originates from the northernmost parts of Scandinavia. A simple and versatile piece of clothing developed by the indigenous peoples of the far north for outdoor work in a harsh climate.

Savotta 101 backpack - Harri Koskinen, black

Savotta 101 backpack - Harri Koskinen, black

128.99 USD

Hey you civilian! Here's a joint project of military kit manufacturer Savotta and designer Harri Koskinen, both Finnish entities. Basically this means we're talking about a civilian-compatible canvas & leather daypack made essentially to military specs.

Feeling the need to be strange yet stylish? Do you need to display your ecological values? Are you in your hear a peace-loving hippie, but still military gear has it's strange allure to you? Look no further you hipster POS, here's a backpack for you.

No, really, this is a good litte pack for the urban dweller for their daily carrying needs. Definitely made in the same style as our ol' hipster bag (it's nowadays so underground that the masses don't even know what it is).

Recycled stuff

This daysack is made entirely of wool, leather and has a reinforced bottom. Included is a simple stiffener cut up from B-quality sleeping mats. The models with a flap closure with buttons are made from old children's size Finnish army trousers, which means gray wool. Flap closure with a buckle means the same stuff, which we found by the metre. Straps are made of Swiss army belts which were too short so no-one would buy them. You can punch more holes in them if needed.

Material and care

Wool does not only look and feel good, it's also somewhat water repellent and very much stain repellent. It doesn't easily gather smells and airing out and some brushing usually is enough for cleaning. If waterproofness is required, fit a packsack inside!

Now, to be honest, wool is not an ideal fabric for rucksacks, it's not as strong in this area as cordura or canvas. However the wool on these is THICK, so it will work fine for intended purpose - we suggest other alternatives for hauling rocks into the woods, or whatever those outdoor survival types do anyway.

Dimensions from seam to seam about 30 x 40 x 12 cm.

Different models

Fabric bottom: bottom reinforcement made of light canvas shelter halves, usually Polish. Quite water resistant and durable.

Leather bottom: reinforcement made of West German submariner's leather trousers, dwarf sizes. Very strong and just as waterproof as you grease it up to be.

Button flap: These were Finnish trousers that were made so small no-one would buy them. For the same reason the condition was really good.

Buckle flap: These are made from the very same material, except they didn't become trousers first.

Jämä, made in Varusteleka

Jämä, which is a Finnish word meaning leftovers, is our brand for stuff we make right here at our warehouse in Helsinki, Finland, from products that are faulty or just don't sell for one reason or another. The materials - being military stuff - are very good and since we make these ourselves, we can vouch for the quality of the work.

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