Jämä Shoulder bag

90.99 USD
Jämä Shoulder bag
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Woly Protector 3 x 3 impregnation spray, 300 ml

Woly Protector 3 x 3 impregnation spray, 300 ml

9.99 USD

This Woly preservative is designed to be used with all sorts of leather and textiles. This stuff is both dirt and water repellent.

E. Koivumaa Kuksa, two holes

E. Koivumaa Kuksa, two holes

36.99 USD

A proper Finnish made traditional birch kuksa cup. This larger 1,8 - 1,9 dl is good when just a little cup of coffee isn't enough to keep you going. The handle has two finger holes for a very sturdy grip.

Jämä hobo bag

Jämä hobo bag

13.99 USD

The most fashionable thing there is: a very durable fabric shopping bag, or hobo bag like we like to call these. Not only is this bigger and better designed than most what you see in grocery stores, this is also way more ecologial: the material is 100% recycled. Made right here at Varusteleka!

Särmä Wood burning stove, laser cut

Särmä Wood burning stove, laser cut

18.99 USD

A wood burning hobo stove of very very very Finnish design! This might not be the prettiest, lightest or handiest stove out there but it works, packs relatively small and is modestly priced and of course 100 % made in Finland.

Jämä Blanket Shirt

Jämä Blanket Shirt

81.99 USD

A proper bushcrafty Blanket Shirt, a primite "low-tech" design where the superior natural qualities of wool combined with simple yet clever details make for a very functional outdoors jacket. These are sewn by us using good quality military surplus wool blankets!

Jämä Canvas anorak

Jämä Canvas anorak

90.99 USD

Just like the traditional bushcrafty Blanket Shirts made of wool blankets, this one is sewn together using tightly woven cotton canvas normally used on small tents. It's therefore very durable, slightly water repellent and pretty much as windproof as they get.

Polish two-man tent, surplus

Polish two-man tent, surplus

27.99 USD

Old fashioned, two-man canvas tent in the form of a tipi style contraption, split to two parts. Surprisingly not-bad for a Polish army Cold War era product, this is a nice choice for the traditionalist - not only cheap and well made, it also doubles as a rain/camo cape or a one-man shelter!

Heary heary all you bushcraft-larpers and wannabelumberjack-hipsters, look at this wonderful little haversack! Made from leather belts, poly-cotton tarps and wooden duffel toggles, functional for the outdoors and has good looks for everyday carry too.

The flap folds neatly over the opening and tightens it down for a secure seal. Inside are two vertical pockets on both short sides and a large flat pocket on the body side, perfect for papers, laptops and similar gear.

The shoulder strap is made from a Swiss army leather belt, with the original brass buckle doing the adjustment.

The fabric is Polish military tarp poly-cotton, strong and really dense stuff that loves to suck up wax and oil and those fancy spray-on protectors too. So if you're into waxing your gear this little buddy won't turn you down. Usually the waterproofing treatment from the factory is still going strong on it.

Dimensions 35 x 25 x 15 cm.

Jämä, made in Varusteleka

Jämä, which is a Finnish word meaning leftovers, is our brand for stuff we make right here at our warehouse in Helsinki, Finland, from products that are faulty or just don't sell for one reason or another. The materials - being military stuff - are very good and since we make these ourselves, we can vouch for the quality of the work.

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Nyt on hyvä ja toimiva kokonaisuus siistissä pakkauksessa. Laukku sekä näyttää, että tuntuu hyvältä. Aluksi vyö olkahihnana tuntui vähän hassulta, aika paksu ja kova kun on, mutta jos laukussa on enempääkin tavaraa, istuu hihna mukavasti olalla. Säätö toimii ja on helppo lyhentää/pidentää. Ompelujälki on siistiä ja säkki vaikuttaa kestävältä. Sade ei ole vielä tullut telttakankaasta läpi ja napit ovat kestäneet.

Jos laukku on pullollaan on nappien kanssa vaikea operoida yhdellä kädellä. Olisin ehkä jäänyt vielä toivomaan yhtä pientä lisätaskua sisuksiin.
Sisälle mahtuu helposti 12 kaljatölkkiä ja kaksi pulloa gambiinaa. Tilaa jää vielä muullekin tavaralle.
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