Jämä shoulder bag, Flecktarn camo

25.99 USD
Jämä shoulder bag, Flecktarn camo
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BW Windstopper watch cap, surplus

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The Germans decided to make their black winter woolly hats properly; these have a Windstopper-liner to give some extra protection. Used Bundeswehr surplus.

BW parka, Flecktarn, surplus

BW parka, Flecktarn, surplus

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The standard field jacket used by the Bunderswehr when it's not exactly an indian summer. One of our top sellers, this parka is a tried and true modern classic and for a reason. We've also got matching trousers for these!

Woly Protector 3 x 3 impregnation spray, 300 ml

Woly Protector 3 x 3 impregnation spray, 300 ml

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Jämä hobo bag

Jämä hobo bag

13.99 USD

The most fashionable thing there is: a very durable fabric shopping bag, or hobo bag like we like to call these. Not only is this bigger and better designed than most what you see in grocery stores, this is also way more ecologial: the material is 100% recycled. Made right here at Varusteleka!

A cute small shoulder bag made out of BW Flecktarn parka. Almost too cute for a man not to use. Only almost.

The story behind this is our designers looking at nonsellable BW parkas and figuring out what could be made out of them. Look closely, and you see the BW parka hem pocket on front - one jacket is perfect for making two of these bags.

The bag is made out of very thick and durable parka jacket material (usually 80/20% cotton/polyester) with Flecktarn camouflage pattern on it. One zippered pocket on the front, access to rest of the bag from a zipper on top of the thing. The shoulder straps are made out of two second quality Särmä BDU belts, so first of all the shoulder strap can take a weight, and secondly there's pleeeenty of adjustment. The straps come in three colours, and we don't pick.

The bag is made out of jackets that have been impregnated with water repellent at some point. Depending on the bag, there might be a lot or not very much of this effect left.

Measurements about 36 x 30 cm.

Jämä, made in Varusteleka

Jämä, which is a Finnish word meaning leftovers, is our brand for stuff we make right here at our warehouse in Helsinki, Finland, from products that are faulty or just don't sell for one reason or another. The materials - being military stuff - are very good and since we make these ourselves, we can vouch for the quality of the work.

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