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Jämä Duffel Bag

Jämä Duffel Bag

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How about a damn cool 20-liter duffel bag? Perfect for gym gear, for work, or anything that requires a soft, compact, and easy to carry bag. Made from durable surplus materials in Finland.

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How about a damn cool 20-liter duffel bag? Perfect for gym gear, for work, or anything that requires a soft, compact, and easy to carry bag. Made from durable surplus materials in Finland.

Some '80s children might remember the tubular bag craze. It was nice to stuff your school books, a hundred bottles of hairspray, and Twisted Sister cassettes in one of these awesome bags. The beautiful round shape is familiar to younger folks, too since (even) cool things become fashionable again and again. This bag type is so clever that it is worth using even if you don't care about trends. And that's why we wanted to create our own version of it, too.

Materials and care

We made our own tubular Jämä Duffel Bag from various surplus materials, and it turned out great. Because it is surplus, the materials and colors will change from time to time.

Navy blue

The navy blue Jämä Duffel Bag is made from durable cotton/polyester awning fabric that was found in a dark corner of a mystical warehouse. To be precise, three slightly different fabrics. However, the differences are very difficult to see. Someone whose superpowers are of the visual kind might notice that one of the fabrics is a bit shinier, the other is a tiny bit more purple, and the third is matt navy blue. Nevertheless, the end result is charmingly harmonious. The lining fabric is polyester that has been used for lining leather bags.

The general rule of thumb for washing this bag is not to wash it. These bags don’t normally need it anyway. However, if you have a pressing need to remove some oops-related gunk, chemical cleaning is the ideal option. The laundry wizards will know how to help you

Compartments and pockets

The 20-liter main compartment is pretty straightforward. Just open the zipper and shove in the stuff you need. The zipper, however, is of that clever self-locking kind that won’t open on its own and spill your gear all over the place. It does open smoothly with a soft purr when you pull the zipper. And one of the inside walls has a zippered side pocket for a wallet, cell phone, or other small items.

Furthermore, there is also a small velcro pocket on one side. And both ends feature a small open pocket.

Size information

Jämä Duffel Bag’s capacity is 20 liters. The diameter of the tube is 25 cm (9.8”) and the length 47 cm (18.5”). It is pretty nicely sized for regular gym gear and such. And if you don’t overfill it with rigid equipment, it will also fit in the hand luggage compartment of an airplane even without senseless violence. The shoulder strap is adjustable between 69–117 cm (27.2-46.1”).


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Materiaali tuntuu siltä, ettei kassi mene helpolla rikki. Kassi on laadukkaasti tehty eikä sitä ole tehneet kiinalaiset lapset. Vallan mainio kassi.
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