Jämä Canvas anorak

Jämä Canvas anorak

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Just like the traditional bushcrafty Blanket Shirts made of wool blankets, this one is sewn together using tightly woven cotton canvas normally used on small tents. It's therefore very durable, slightly water repellent and pretty much as windproof as they get.

While the woollen shirts are great during colder months, these canvas ones are better during the warmer season. However a canvas shirt also works during winter: you can just wear the warm stuff underneath and use it as a shell anorak.

  • Two slash openings on the front - these are just that, not pockets. You can access stuff worn underneath or warm your hands in these. There are button holes all ready for those who want to sew on buttons to make a simple closure system.
  • Inside on the front is a smaller pocket, sewn onto the body side of the shirt. This little flat pocket is intended to safely store any important valuables such as mobile phones.
  • A hood, offers protection from wind and rain and keeps your head warm.
  • Access slits on the sides to make rummaging through your trouser pockets or accessing equipment on your trouser belt easier.
  • The hem is way longer on the back, this will keep the crack of your arse covered in any squatting position and it also offers simple protection from wet or cold surfaces when sitting.
  • Raglan sleeves, these are a really neat thing! No seams anywhere on top of the shoulders means no chafing when carrying backpacks, as a bonus the raglans actually make the jacket look a bit better fitted (as if that would matter with clothing like this...).

Materials and variations

These are made from proper quality military surplus shelter halves. As availability of military surplus varies so does these shirts, we use what is available! This means that colours (even in the same jacket) and prices can vary, some stuff is more expensive, some cheaper.

Polish fabric, these canvas shelter halves are typically buttoned together to make a small two-man tent. The tent itself is pretty shit, but as fabric this is very nice: relatively thin yet very tightly woven and probably has been waterproofed at some point, but who knows what's left of any treatments. At least it's strong, breathes a bit and keeps the wind out beautifully. Being old army stuff it might have some imperfections or stains on it. Available in black (!) and soon in olive drab. Can be treated with whatever waterproofing agents you might prefer.

And more to come, we will surely be making these from other materials in the future and as that happens we will update this spot.


These are made in three sizes and the drop down menu indicates the recommended user height and chest circumference. A blanket shirt will never fit like a nice suit, but by choosing the right size you will get a functional garment that fits the purpose it was made for.

The most important measure is the chest, if the shirt is too tight you simply can´t get into it, if it is a bit too big: nobody cares, you look like a hobo anyway! The sleeves are generously long. Too long for you? Just fold them up for the perfect custom fit!

The model in the photos is 175 cm tall and has a chest of 95 cm. The shirt is a size S. This size leaves well enough room for a wool mid layer shirt and such to be worn under the Blanket Shirt.

In the chart below you can see the actual centimetre dimensions of the shirts: first chest circumference, then front length from collar to hem, back length from neck seam to hem, and sleeve length from the center of the neck to the cuff (this measuring style works better with raglan sleeves). These measurements may vary a cm here or there from shirt to shirt.

Size Chest circumference Front length Back length Sleeve length
Small 116 69 91 90
X-Large 134 70 92 90
3X-Large 150 71 93 90

Jämä, made in Varusteleka

Jämä, which is a Finnish word meaning leftovers or scraps, is our brand for stuff we make right here at our warehouse in Helsinki, Finland, from products that are faulty or just don't sell for one reason or another. The materials - being military stuff - are very good and since we make these ourselves, we can vouch for the quality of the work.

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