Hunters Element Primaloft Jacket

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Hunters Element Primaloft Jacket
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A warm, lofty, very packable and waterproof jacket for situations when the movement stops or remains minimal. Filled with Primaloft, the same high quality stuff used in Jervenbags. Camouflaged with the Veil camo, which is specifically designed to fool the animal eye. Mega sale: Hunters Element is in the process of updating the models (probably some little tidbit upgrading), and we're selling the rest of our suppliers stock for cheap. In other words, this is a damn good deal!


  • A rather generous cut with long hem and sleeves.
  • Zippered front. The zipper is YKK made quality product.
  • A simple hood with a little visor.
  • Adjustments on the hem and sleeve cuffs.
  • Basic assortment of pockets; regular hem pockets, one breast pocket for a radio/cellphone and an inside pocket.

Weighs about 640 g and packs inside its own hood, about the size of a football but still compressable.


Outer shell Hydrafuse™ Downshell™ fabric, i.e. waterproof breathable stuff. A lightweight, more Soft shell style solution, not a heavy trilaminate membrane but waterproof nonetheless. Waterproofness 10000 mm, which is about as much as you could ask for, breathability 6000 gm / 24h, which is pretty good considering the waterproofness.

Filling 100g/m2 Primaloft Gold, modern synthetic down. Warmth/weight ratio on this is remarkable. We could wager it's similar in feel to summer sleeping bags.


The "Desolve" camouflage line is one of the main things about Hunters Element gear. It's rather meticulously engineered to fool animal vision by using well thought out colours and contrasts, it's not designed to simply blend in the surroundings, but more to break up the general form of the wearer so the animal doesn't recognize you to be human. We sell the "Veil" variation, which tends to suit Finnish terrain and season better.

Size info

Sizes in a very simple S, M, L style system. These aren't too oversized, but you can pretty much pick by instict and upsize if uncertain. The sleeves are very long on these, but if you are some 2 metres tall, you might want to size up just in case - the shoulder seams drape a tad lower, making the sleeves longer.

Our 180 cm tall model had no problems whatsoever with the length.

Hunters Element

Hunters Element is a company from New Zealand. Those guys are all fanatical hunters and outdoor maniacs so they do know what they're doing when designing this stuff. These are made by observing what really works out there and what doesn't. The gear is made in China but to high standard, as the prices suggest.

Product reviews

Rating average 3.5/5 - 2 ratings.

I would not recommend to a friend
This only gets 3/5 because of it being half price, at full price more like a 2/5

Decent over all jacket however a major down point is while it is pretty much waterproof, the hem around your waist SOAKS up water in the rain, the fleece lining for the pockets is connected into the same hem meaning water soaks up into the fleece lining your pockets, so expect anything in your pockets to get wet, on that note the breast pocket suffers from the same problem.

On the topic of pockets the zippers on all of them are fairly annoying, often getting snagged and requiring both hands to use, additionally the pockets are limited with only three external and one internal mesh pocket.

While I like it overall I couldn't recommend it to a friend, especially not at the original price.
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