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Helsingin villasukkatehdas woollen socks

Helsingin villasukkatehdas woollen socks

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If you never had the privilege of using proper grandma made woollen socks, here's the next best thing: ye olde thick woollen socks made in Finland in a very traditional workshop!

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If you never had the privilege of using proper grandma made woollen socks, here's the next best thing: ye olde thick woollen socks made in Finland in a very traditional workshop!

Complete with toe and heel reinforcement, made of 70% wool and 30% polyamide. The polyamide content is not a cost saving measure, but a very practical way to increase the life span of the socks drastically. These are very hard wearing, and every finished sock is individually inspected at the factory.

The manufacturer recommends washing by hand, but a 30 degrees Celsius spin in the washing machine is OK too.

Pro tip: you'll get the most out of thick woollen socks by wearing a lighter woollen sock under them.


Available in three sizes: 37-39, 40-42 and 43-45. Sized according to European shoe sizes, with corresponding common S, M, L etc. sizes in brackets. See the chart below for further reference:

EU sizeSimple sizeUS shoe size
34-36X-SmallUS 2½-4½
37-39SmallUS 5-6½
40-42MediumUS 7-9
43-45LargeUS 9½-12
46-48X-LargeUS 13-15

Made in Finland by Helsingin Villasukkatehdas

Yes, these are made right here some 20 km from our store in a very traditional small sock factory, with British machines dating back to the 1920's (but made to work with electricity in the 50's, blasphemy!). These are so Finnish made we almost can't believe it ourselves! Here's the home page, if you don't know the language, look at the pictures.


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I would not recommend to a friend

Toi varmaan sentin paksuinen rantu suoraan varpaiden päällä on tosi jäätävä kenkien kanssa. Himassakin töpsötellessä tämä ompelusauma raapii mukavasti jalkaa, mutta sen kanssa vielä pärjää. En ole ikinä käyttänyt kenkien kanssa yhtä epämukavia villasukkia. Muuten laatu vaikuttaa hyvältä, mutta mikä ihmeen idea tossa saumassa on... Ei mummon kutomissa sukissa moisia ollut.
9 13 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

I believe these are very good as a an outer layer sock. They are hard-wearing, and I do not find them particularly uncomfortable. A bit expensive maybe but, like I said, they will definitely not wear out any time soon.
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I would recommend for a friend

Mahtavat villasukat! Puen aina paljaaseen jalkaan. Lämmittävät ja hengittävät. Toimivat sekä tennareissa että vaelluskengissä.
Nimim:"Jo neljän toinen toistaan hienomman värisen villasukkaparin käyttäjä"
5 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Really nice warm and thick hard wearing socks. These lasted about 6 months are very hard use about 2000 miles being used every day. They have only now started to wear thin on the bottom. Expensive for sure but if they got more in at my size I would pick more up because there aren't any other socks as good as these. Wash at 30C on a wool cycle with no detergents or anything to aggravate the fibres.
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