Hazard 4 Padded Shoulder Strap w. Stabilizer

21.99 USD
Hazard 4 Padded Shoulder Strap w. Stabilizer
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Särmä TST General purpose sling

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If you're tired of your old shoulder strap with squeaky plastics and grazing lack of comfort, treat yourself to this fancy upgrade. Comes with a stabilizer to keep the bag behind your back out of the way.

On many packs and bags the shoulder strap seems like an afterthought that was only included because one is expected. While sometimes a simple strap actually does get the job done, in other cases (which you carry daily) some features are warranted.

User-friendly and practical

The strap has rotating hooks at both ends, so you can just throw it over your shoulder without having to undo twists first. Length is adjusted at both ends as well, so you won't have a sliding buckle in the middle, digging into your shoulder. A removable strap allows three attachments to be used to keep the bag behind you.


  • Main strap: 89—116 x 5 cm
  • Stabilizer: 56 x 2,5 cm

Made by Hazard4

Made by Hazard 4 (Civilian Labs). Designed in the USA, manufactured in China. Yes, they can make good stuff too, if you don't contract the lowest bidder.

Product reviews

Rating average 2/5 - 1 ratings.

I would not recommend to a friend
I bought one of these for my Hazard 4 Observer, guessing /hoping that it would fit my needs

indeed it is a puzzle/could be a puzzle to find the right attachment way of connecting things
good that Varusteleka made clear pictures that help to clear things out

What I like:
the connectors, strong, light and won't twist

What do I dislike?
as a strap I dislike it a lot,
- the shoulderpad itselve moves
- there are better straps out there such as those of Portabrace made of leather...
- I'm testing if the stabalizer part will work with the other straps I have,
- the cordura feels not that heavy duty
- if it will not pass my test I will send this unit back to Finland

having said that the strap itselve is made well,
it feels strong although light
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