Hazard 4 Messenger of Doom, black

169.99 EUR
Hazard 4 Messenger of Doom, black
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Hazard 4 Jelly Roll Lens/Scope/Bottle Case, black

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The name says it all: carry what you wish, attach to what you want. Beats most civilian alternatives in function and durability.

Hazard 4 Kato Mini Messenger, black

Hazard 4 Kato Mini Messenger, black

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A mid size messenger carry-all grab bag to fill the needs of todays tech-infused lifestyle, on and off the battlefield.

Hazard 4 ID Patch

Hazard 4 ID Patch

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Write your info on a piece of paper and slide it in this ID sleeve. Slap it to any velcro surface or hang it from anything you can think of.

Särmä merino wool hoodie

Särmä merino wool hoodie

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Finally a proper hoodie - in this case the price doesn't come from a big name, but rather from the material, which is thickish Merino wool, which is probably the best fabric ever. Oh, and we haven't forgotten to design the cut properly too. Whether you like to move on foot or two wheels, for the love of God buy this!

Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat pack

Särmä TST CP10 Mini Combat pack

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A smaller, lighter, sleeker variant of our full blooded Särmä TST Combat Pack. 10 liter volume, lots of PALS on the outside, a flat zippered pouch on the back, hydration bladder compartment on the inside, tie down straps against the back and a large mesh pocket on the inside of the panel lid.

If there are bike messengers after the apocalypse, they'll probably be carrying bags like this. This has a different set of features compared to the larger Defence Courier bag.

The major point of a messenger bag over a backpack is speed: one swift movement puts the bag in front of you to pick up or drop off things, and off you go again. Also the shape of these bags is better for large books, papers, laptop computers, foders and such.


  • Wide no-nonsense carrying strap.
  • The back can be attached to rolling luggage for airport travel with a strip of webbing on the backside. In the newest model this strap is absent.
  • Removable flap with QR-buckles has a flat zipper pocket on the outside.
  • Flap closure straps flatten the bag while allowing it to expand according to the cargo you're packing.
  • Front and sides of the bag has PALS-webbing grids. The sides also have open flat pockets for gloves or such.
  • The outermost zipper compartment has a few thousand small organizing pockets and slots for pens, tools and such. Two straps keep it horizontal for map-reading.
  • The main compartment has pockets around the sides and PALS webbing. Closure with dual zippers.
  • Laptop compartment closest to body holds a 16" PC or 17" MacBook.
  • Most of the interior is coyote brown for better visibility inside.
  • Made from 1000D Cordura with good workmanship.

External measurements: 45 x 13 x 32 cm.

The materials are care-free. If necessary, you can remove dirt with a brush and use a damp cloth for cleaning. Do not use solvents, detergents or submerge.

Factory new, made by Hazard 4 (Civilian Labs). Designed in the USA, manufactured in China. Yes, they can make good stuff too, given strict QC.

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