Hazard 4 Kato Mini Messenger, black

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Hazard 4 Kato Mini Messenger, black
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A mid size messenger carry-all grab bag to fill the needs of todays tech-infused lifestyle, on and off the battlefield.

The Kato Mini Messenger is like the smaller Tonto pumped up a notch. War is no more the ye olde gentlemens sport it was back in the Zulu days, todays tech-warriors need to update their Facebook crap all the time, and leaving base without your laptop would be suicide. Then of course, the Kato Mini Messenger is a convenient every day bag for stuff like:

  • An iWhanot laptop (see the measurements below and compare your device).
  • Maps and notes, if someone still uses such in this futuristic dystopia.
  • Multi tools and a first aid kit.
  • Some rations and a canteen of water.
  • A weeks supply of ammo, you can attach a load of pouches to the Katos PALS webbing.
  • A pistol, the flap has a velcro patch for extra pouches, for example the Condor Universal Pistol Holster we sell fits perfectly.


  • Carrying strap with 3D-ventilated padding and additional stabilizer strap.
  • A flat, quilted quick access compartment for notebooks (the electronic, 21st century type, as in com-pu-ter) closest to the body, measures 30 x 22 cm.
  • A flap that covers the entire bag, with a zippered compartment with velcro inside for extra pouches. A flat compartment with velcro is found on the underside of the flap.
  • Lots of PALS webbing, and a strap for ALICE pouches as well, on the main face under the flap.

  • A main compartment, measures 30 x 22 cm, with a separate flat sleeve and small pouch for a flashlight or such inside.
  • A fold-out admin style compartment for maps, notes, pencils, tools etc.
  • A zippered side pouch for a couple of AR-15 mags or a water bottle.
  • PALS and ALICE loops on the outer sides.
  • A belt loop with velcro, keeps the bag in place when you're pulling out your iThis and iThat in a firefight.

External measurements approx. 30 x 24 x 9 cm.

The materials are care-free. If necessary, you can remove dirt with a brush and use a damp cloth for cleaning. Do not use solvents or detergents.

Factory new, made by Hazard 4 (Civilian Labs). Designed in the USA, manufactured in China. Yes, they can make good stuff too, given strict QC.

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